UFO fled night sky ‘like Star Trek’s Enterprise’ Says Witness In England, Nov 26, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: November 26, 2015
Location of sighting: Stoke Manor Close, Seaford, England
News source: http://www.eastbourneherald.co.uk/news/local/ufo-fled-night-sky-like-star-trek-s-enterprise-1-7105365

Its been 26 years since my big UFO sighting back in Rapid City, SD when I saw 25+ 747 size UFOs shoot off one by one, They started slowly then increased speed until 7 sec later...they were gone into the horizon.  The speed was slower than the eyewitness below describes, but can be the final proof that its alien if it moves from zero to impossible in seconds. His story below sounds authentic. 
Scott C. Waring

News states:
A pensioner has been left baffled by what he believes was a close encounter with a UFO. John Ford said it appeared as a bright light hovering in the night sky which he was able to observe for several minutes. But it was the sudden, dramatic departure that made the biggest impression - which he described as being like the Starship Enterprise of Star Trek fame. Both Mr Ford, 69, and his wife Joyce, 70, witnessed the strange events above their home in Stoke Manor Close, Seaford, at around 6pm on November 26. He takes up the story. He said, “My wife and I were about to go out for a meal and, whilst in the porch changing my shoes, there was a tremendous drone-like noise and I could feel a very slight shudder as it seemed to reverberate around the place. “Quickly moving outside, I just caught sight of the tail lights of a very low flying, and very noisy, helicopter heading in the direction of Newhaven. I suppose under certain circumstances, especially at night, the lights of a helicopter could be mistaken for a UFO, but they are usually very noisy, and not very big or very fast moving. “However, as I moved towards the car parked on the drive, I happened to glance up and noticed a bright orange coloured light in the sky some distance away, approaching from a north-easterly direction and moving in the general direction of Seaford. Naturally, I thought it must be another helicopter, as it was just blob of light and did not seem to be very high in the sky. “This ‘light in the sky’ was moving in my general direction and seemed to cover the distance very quickly and, strangely, there was not that familiar drone-like noise as it got closer and closer. As this single blob of light reached a position in the sky, quite close to where I was standing, it suddenly mushroomed into a very bright configuration of light that illuminated a large area of the surrounding night sky, and appeared to be, simply, hovering. “As I watched this light show, it became apparent that at the centre of this ‘illumination’ I could discern a very definite shape/pattern that was round in outline, possibly more hexagon in appearance, with a sort of cross like structure contained within the main outline. I am quite definite about this ‘shape’ as, on reflection, what I was seeing reminded me very much of a large ground-fixed type of firework display, where you get a prolonged, well-lit defined profile of something or other, that also creates that surrounding aurora against the night sky. However, this was no fireworks! “This light spectacle continued for some time, and as I couldn’t quite believe what I was witnessing, I shouted to my wife to come out and have a look, as I needed some reassurance of what I was seeing! By the time she joined me, the light show had started to subside but, nevertheless, it was still clearly visible but had now adjusted its position in the sky. (more of this at source).