Alien Head With Antenna Found In Mars NASA Photo, Jan 2, 2016, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: January 2, 2016
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo: http://mars.nasa.gov/multimedia/interactives/billionpixel/index.cfm?image=PIA16918&view=pano

I thought I would look over the billon pixel photo of Mars again to see if I can find something new. I found a very large face looking upwards to the sky. The face does resemble humans a little, and is primitively sculpted. Like our culture at this moment in time is overly fixated on cell phones, theirs were fixated on faces. Its easy to make out the eye, nose, ear and forehead. The mouth slit goes up and down not across like humans. Also, the most amazing part is...the antenna on its forehead. I have seen tens of thousands of faces, but never one with an antenna sticking up.
Scott C. Waring


  1. Thats not a human face. Its mouth looks more like a cat with the slit blow its nose. Excellent find. NASA will not be able to keep up the lies for long. Shared it.

  2. Um guys this is just a rock!
    These constant rock pictures that are portrayed as aliens is not really bringing credibility to your site!
    I cringe every time one is posted!
    Btw I saw 25 alien faces in my breakfast cereal this morning!!

  3. A Wise man said once, life is not eternal. But we can create eternal life with robots.
    Why not sending those to al nearby living world. And let them come in contact with us when they feel ready. We should look for technolegy and not for living things that would be a waste of time. Thats why i think nasa got to the moon in the first place. And now will go to mars. Technology in space crafts has been developigng mutch slower whent they got to the moon. Enough already great site


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