Creature On Mars With Child Near Mars Rover, Jan 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: January 2016
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo: http://mars.nasa.gov/mer/gallery/all/2/n/087/2N134093032EFF2300P1846R0M1.JPG

This is interesting, someone found another animal near this larger one. The larger one I labeled a gorilla back in 2012, but of course I could be wrong on that since you have to catch one to confirm it. Mister Enigma of Youtube calls them bear. The smaller one looks more like it than the larger one. Whatever these creature are, they look similar. Parent and child. No one has ever noticed the smaller one before, so I had to put this up. Absolutely mind blowing that this creature has a child near it. Food for thought. 


  1. That is a interesting photo, and something for thought.

  2. with all the photo's of mars , none have vegetation , so what would a animal of that size eat .

  3. They're probably just rocks though. Nice colouring in though, almost as good as a four year old. Keep deluding yourself while I and many others keep laughing you poor simple minded fool.

  4. ok, now i am convinced.
    you are taking the piss out of us all with more and more ridiculousness.
    Did somebody get to you? Why post so much crap among the good info?
    THANK YOU for at least allowing the info that NASA's footage may have come from baffin island, etc in Canada and NOT "mars".

  5. A firm believer but not in this total BS. A tip for all believers out their take ufo hunters trying to peddle books or getting your backsides on seats and being paid very nice thanks very much and also like our friend Scott who coverts social media hits whilst trying to turn a pigs ear into a silk purse or in this case a bunch of rocks into animal life on a planet that cannot sustain life yes take all these people with a pinch of salt. The truth is out their but not from these money making fantasist. Scott Im so sure of your disinformation my negative post will not see the light of day on your site which kind of proves my point.

  6. My comment needs approval that says it all.............................

  7. The picture it self looks odd to begin with. NASA is notorious for editing, and manufacturing false images. I'd say move on, nothing here.

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    1. Centimeter sized beings i was referring to as a GULP lunch to those martian bear looking creatures...

      My bad, yes its those poor "cm or Centimeter" sized little guys of mars outback who have to constantly look out for it when there out & about that i imagine, so perhaps those mining & support crews from earth may need to be weary of mars outback regions if these bear looking critters all grow to the size & weight of a 200 or more pound earth mountain lion or even a average earth size bear perhaps who weighs even more, then possibly earth crews of various types may need to carry potent weapons sys's of various types on there persons for protection UC...

      I know i know we will NO they those gready Sec Gov's & Global Robber Barons will start to import there murderous madness on mars & or the moon too, & for the purpous I,g. for "Mineral Extraction to PLUNDER" as there so so expert dwn here that they do so good at, but that would only happen if those pwr's that be on the moon & mars simply allow US NO THEM to do that imo UC...

      Ok ok look at it this way, the earths SSP aKa, the "Secret Space Prog" defense & tactics div, is limited in potential force against them to simply steal there property, & i doubt that a eart human made TR-3B & any other earth back engineerd hardware will have much if any effect on them eithier, tho the ET's may have fitted those back engineered vehicals to vaporize & or self destruct are behinds if we get a little froggy against them perhaps you think huh, come on now open your minds here, UC they will not give US enough to hang them but US yes imo.

  9. Why post rubbish..when you have good stuff on here..dont post any old crap just because its new.

  10. Scott,
    I've been following your blog for years. Thanks for all the work that you do for the UFO community. No need to repost your old posts and stop it with all the rocks. It takes away from your credibility.


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