White UFO Change Shape Over San Antonio, Texas Jan 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 2016
Location of sighting: San Antonio, Texas, USA

These UFOs are appear all over the world, but are easiest to see during the day when there are few clouds and a blue sky. I caught a similar one in Taiwan on Nov 2015. I didn't have a zoom like this guy. I only had a phone. Great catch. It is probably recording human history. Something we tend to forget and alter. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
For those unfamiliar with this phenomenon U.F.O VARIABLE....It is believed that these Crafts are converting the Suns Energy into Electromagnetic to travel around..If you pay close attention you will notice these U.F.O's have spheres that rotates inside them....According to the Hypotheses Thermomagnetic: In reality these spheres are converting Suns Energy into Electromagnetic.. I have researched this subject and come to realized this a Real Phenomenon..In my opinion i believe to have captured one traveling overhead...Thanks to my good friend and fellow Skywatcher Jason Bales...For a first we will clearly see it change shape..And witness for yourself as these U.F.O Orbs move around inside its structure...Rare look at how these U.F.Os Interact.... A High Definition Camera was used EQUIPMENT:JVC GZ-HD3U


  1. Whoa, what an amazing find! Finally a video with fantastic quality capturing something that is beyond our level of technical comprehension. Great job.

  2. Really ! Just a Plastic Bag

  3. Whoa, a plastic bag. Finally yet another video shot without someone who can hold a camera still for a few seconds. Terrific waste of time. But not too bad for this site.

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    1. GULP, i really think its a "Gallactic Being" is all i can say now.

  5. We do not need to make it up, ufo,s exist, and our governments know it.
    They hide it because they fear prof no God exists will be too dangerous for humanity to handle, yet

  6. They exist, governments fear telling us, belief in God would/will be shaken by knowing and world peace threatened during any transformation truth would bring.
    Look at the stars and tell us we are alone, we are not


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