Apollo 10 Crew Heard Space Music On Dark Side Of Moon Says @NASA Recordings, May 1969, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of event: May 22-23, 1969
Location of event: Dark side of Moon

The Science Channel recently released two videos on Youtube about Apollo 10 astronauts hearing mysterious music noises on the dark side of the moon. The crew of the space module were orbiting the moon and then were to return, but on the dark side they heard something that made them say it sounds like "space music." They question if they should tell NASA or not about it. On of them stated, "I think we should think about that a little bit." This shows that even NASA astronauts hid some information from NASA out of fear of reprisal on their career in some way. 

Their conversation was hidden for forty years, but lucky for the public, it was in the NASA files. The recording went like this...

"It sounds like, you know, outer space-type music." 
"You hear that? That whistling sound? Whooooooooo!" 
"Well, that sure is weird music!" 
"It's unbelievable! You know?" 
"Shall we tell them about it?" 
"I don't know. We ought to think about it." 

Scott C. Waring


  1. What do you mean when you say "in the NASA files"? Was there a recent NASA file document dump that I'm unaware of? Thanks

  2. Hey Scott ive heard of this too, & Hey was it Carbon Based Liforms music, or Between Interval, hell how about another space music band called Biosphere, Matt Borghi, Numina, hell the list goes on & on, & yes, i do love all those web based space stations such as Zero Beat Zone,Space Station Soma, hell how about the web space music channels ill include such as Ambient Radio.net, also the Harts of Space Grand Collection channel...

    Theres varied sound freq's that inhance brain pattern functions for good or bad motivations, hell i would only guess that the Apollo lunar astonauts were in a trance state of pleasent shock & awe during the event i surmise.

  3. Just Pink Floyd Practicing.

    1. Could be Don, tho ive often wondered what out of this world influnce are quite possibly INCULCATING these sound mixes to these musicians who peform via sound oscillation electronics mostly anyway to create this type of fascinating music to reveal to the earth masses thats attracted to it, could it be for a possibly long term positive psycho physical condition to enhance the minds & harts of some of the masses dwn here thru time, tho not all people like to listen to this kind of music, tho i do find a number of tech nerds that seem to have this kind of music in there music collections, some tech nerds thats all they listen to...

      Yes "Dark Side of the Moon" was a classic by Pink Floyd among other fine music that they introduced back in the day too, but after reviewing this presentation post over & over a number of times, i started to thk that as the astronauts were traveling past the far side of the lunar orbital trajectory, now dont thk im off on the deep end, but im thk'ing the ET's on the far side themselves were all in unison just might have tried to well, ah hum just may had been trying to COMMUNICATE to the apollo lunar crew as strange as that sounds to many.

  4. Fascinating! Absolutely incontrovertible.

  5. Ill also inclued the 70's to some of the most recent "Regge Dub Music" whom to me also has somewhat of a cosmic tonality to there rydums imo when listening to greats such as Lee Scratch Perry, Prince Fari, Kind Tubby, the Scientist, Mad Professor, Bim Sherman, etc & all in dub version, hell its not just Space Music on my list, tho to me & other poeple ive met thats influned by the sound of both would agree that these sounds would give the impression of other worldness if listening to them...

    And ther excellent when listenin w/ a Bud & Wiser ya know.

  6. Thats "King Tubby", may bad mis pronounce, sometimes i need to slow type speed ya know...

    But hell dont forget also, Burning Spear in dub, "Yaba Yu", even Augustus Pablo in dub, Shaka, etc, etc you see these Jamaican Dub Musicians rhythmic music is comming from a cosmic level i feel, just like a number of Space Musicians of 2day included, hell im a 60ish tall pale & bearded wht guy & love those kinds of music, to me it opens pleasent counscious levels in relaxed states while listening to it.


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