James Gilliland Of ECETI UFO Ranch Interviewed In Australia This Week, Feb 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of interview: February 2016
Location of interview: Melbourne, Australia
ECETI in Australia:  http://www.ecetiaustralia.org/james-gillilands-australian-tour-down-under.html
ECETI in Mount Adams, WA: http://www.eceti.org/Eceti.IndexII.html

James Gilliland had an interview this week on the Weekend Today Show in Austrailia. He is a unique person, who seems to shun the fancy cloths for something more comfortable. He runs the ECETI Ranch at Mount Adams, Washington, where its famous for its nightly UFOs and orbs. Although the mountain sky is busy with UFOs, the aliens don't seem interested in direct contact, but have met him personally on a few occasions. Perhaps direct contact with humans today is forbidden for some reason.  Anyway, I wish I had been to his live talk he had for fans in Melbourne. Would have been cool to hear him in person, his thoughts, his experiences at the ranch. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. He's not the only one with a hotspot.

  2. yes, but remember, aliens in ''china car flip'' and ''china saves life from car hitting'' the alien looks like they cant duplicate humans exactly as in fake planes the wings sometimes morph as aliens cannot exactly perfectly ''hold a dream'' of a plane etc. so maybe mr. Gilliland met with people who only claim to be aliens as its easy to fool someone with that claim. so im not sure Gilliland has met aliens that were exactly human looking. real aliens cannot seem to walk exactly like a human as china car flip video shows. but no ones complaining, we know real aliens are here.

  3. so the martian worm has made news...yes ,now that brings more attention to that being noteworthy. almost looks like a corrugated ''storage shed'' maybe for future alien activities.

  4. well mr. waring, been noticing the madness going on in America right noiw just check the ''news'' wondering if nthat new colorful sun ufo is beaming an effect to earth that's causing uprisings, as in recent deaths of police. police and government are the main preventers of ufo truth which as you say is a war crime.

  5. Woman was totally into her flattery and making jokes but the male was pretty professional and seemed interested LOL CAN'T WAIT TILL THIS IS OVER!! I think it's possible that full contact is waiting on us..like Gilliland said..once we reach a certain point and come together collectively and realize we're all one people..maybe we'll meet them again

  6. When the day they appear we will be in big trouble


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