Large Disc shape UFO crossing the Chem Trail over Australia, March 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 23, 2016
Location of sighting: Mudgee, Australia

This UFO was caught in Australia with an Canon camcorder that was converted to full spectrum...meaning infrared. This is necessary if you live in a sunny place and really want to catch a cloud orb or UFO. The suns light (some infrared) bounces off the cloak, revealing the UFO. There is no cloak that can hide from this camera. I'm currently saving up for a new one, because they are very awesome tools.  
Scott C. Waring

Colourful of Youtube states:
The camera was used.CANON. X A. 25. Full H D. with I R. 850. optical filter fitted. Daylight capture. Night Shot position on. This UFO size possible was: 9-15 meter diameter? This craft passed above the Chem Trail High speed.


  1. Have you seen the uv spectrum camera shooting Nibiru behind the sun yet? I'll link u on fbook... It's made me keep saving for the perfect camera to put on a scope.... Good footage this also, there's a good group of Aussie's getting a lot of information this year. Happy Easter scott :)

  2. How much would this type of camera cost?
    Is there anything else this might possibly be? The best evidence for me is when I am able to rule out all other possibilities. I'm not use to this type of camera so I'm not sure how other objects would appear. Thank you for your tireless work. Much appreciation!

  3. Laszlo I will Not divulge How you did this, No one will know about it.
    All I will say that this is F A K E.
    That is all for now.
    Sorry Scott, but I cannot divulge more, but FYI, this is FAKE.

  4. Yes the "Full Spectrum Cam" tech, should catch on, im also thk'ing of military grade IR lensed wearable lenses to either clip onto your present prescription eye glasses or a wearable sunglass style vr that could be developed for gen pub sale i imagine....

    Hopefully upgraded, smaller & less expensive Full Spectrum Cam vr's should soon appear on the market that im reckoning, you know how electronic device upgrades & innovations are being developed by leaps & bounds everyday here on earth for commercial sales to the consumer.

  5. NOT a UFO in my opinion. Look at the video from .44 to .55 seconds as this object goes near the power lines and branches. This thing moves like a MOTH at that section. Do you people not see that? There are ufo's, but this is not one.

  6. Hi Scott.Don't know why you failed to inform your followers that this is not real. At exactly 4:14 and again at 4:16 marks in the video you can clearly see this thing flying in front of the electrical lines. Obviously a flying insect of some kind and not a ufo flying thru the chemtrail. It was way closer to the camera,probably only a few feet away.

  7. Wow, strange! I live in Australia and I saw a UFO on this same day!

  8. The flight characteristics of most UFO craft would apear a bit irregular at times compared to our, now brace yourselves crewmates winfider, Fabian D, & the rest of ya onboard Scotts ship here tightly on your control modules when i say this, ok 3 2 1 here goes, compared to our "linear traveling Forward Thrust & Air Friction Principaled", terrestrial flying "Fuel Air Bombs of Aviation Technology", compared to a exotic & refreshing technology that seems to literally negate earths gravitational forces like watching a butterfly in flight almost, so being this eliminating of gravitational wave forces, well looking at them from a distance some of these ET crafts & there drones flight patterns would seem to appear as if say for instance a a, how about a Bumble Bee in flight as anorther flyin insect example, thatll be rocking in its flight paths & hovering occasionally then darting off, sometimes flying up & down or side to side as if the earth creature is weightless w/ out a gram of weight on it in flight it seems...

    Ok ok, now just take some meditative thought time w/ out a thinking helmet on, & & & observe your earth born flying bugs of various kinds here in there world, which is at present YOUR WORLD too, & do this in the comforts of your local parks & home gardens etc, & while there close your eyes & breath evenly deeply in out in out, & in short time youll see in your minds eye the connectedness of these flying INSECTOID creatures ive described compared w/ there more seintient tho larger cousins from above & beyond, & now observe there ships flight patterns as if those larger flying insectoid beings have at least in my conscious thk'ing now, they seem to have a Mind Meld technique w/ there space vehicals to behave in such a bug like flight pattern fashion in earths atmosphere youd think RIGHT!, common now do i have to bring out those one size fit all thk'ing helmets to ya again crewmates, & knowing some of ya hate wearing one in the 1st place, ok...

    Those exosckeletal insectoid beings thats not widley mention in the modern day UFO mythos anymore it seems, tho rumours abound that they do exist, & yes to see a large 7-10 foot beetle, bumble bee, hornet, grasshopper moth or mantis tho seintient, compassionate & understanding flyin insectoid creatures like them would imo freak the uninitiated human of earth out w/ out the seintient beings Mind Meld Technique, hell the average gun tottin style american earth human in particular 1st mental reation out of fear would be to shot it w/ out a 2nd thought, & thats why the creatures evolved "Mind Meld Technique" must be incorporated into the earth humans mental conscious behavior pattern to stop the human from such a & in some earth human cases the habitual act such as murder & mayhem, & remove the frightening conscious after thought from the humans memory so that he or she do not recall the shocking event after there ordital space or deep underwater station examinations, that in some case those memories if not blocked & or removed may causes most earth people to develop varing levels of mental illnesses, tho i understand now that these beings hold no malice towards the earth human i,g., but as neutral scientific observer's im reckoning, so as a afterthought you need to watch out for that so called cute nordic ET being tho, thats a favorite for some malevolent beings to use on unsuspecting earth humans i surmise as a decoy, & they may be the ones to negatively influnece you & or do ya in, then morph back into a reptoidal lookin humanoid being again afterwards UC.

  9. Why would someone be taking video of a plain? Why would they begin to follow the other object? It looks like trash floating in the wind to me.


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