10 Mile Spaceship Found In Crater On Earths Moon, April 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: 2001-2002?
Location of discovery: Earths Moon
Source photo: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/resources/lunarorbiter/images/print/3073_med.jpg

Now this is some old stuff, and I think either Streetcap1 or I found it long ago and still have the post somewhere, but this is a nice video going over the area. However I do believe that what he calls a road may actually be a long over developed error in the film itself. There are also a lot of strcuctures in the photo, I only highlighted the ones near the ship. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. At first, it does in fact look like an old-school 1950s era craft, ala "the Jetsons" or even Flash Gordon.

    But then I realize that the almost wood-like textures in the ship match the rocky wall behind it completely.

    A little logic goes a long way.

    I mean...Just look at it. It's obvious.

  2. Hi Scott. Thank you very much for all the good you post. This report is extraorinario. Still they appear new and amazing discoveries. Very recently the Argentine invesigador, Marcelo Irazusta, published two very interesting videos with two asonbrosos discoveries. the first is a tunnel with modules 3 km each and extending 155 km (tunnel or base?) on Mars.

    and the second image of a large bell (or all-seeing eye?) on the surface of the Moon
    My thanks and congratulations for all your work and research.
    Greetings from Mar del Plata, Argentina

  3. Sorry. You think you are gifted or or something? No! this is retard! You don't have a 10 yo cognition ability. I come here to see how delusional UFO believers can be. Although I'm a believer myself. You don't care for truth you just want to entertain yourself.

  4. All I see is a rock!
    What happened to freedom of speech?
    What are you afraid of?

  5. That ship itself is eerily humongous enough to be a base station & possibly a mining hauling vessal included, i mean 10 friggin miles in length, hell as Mr D would say, SHEESHHHHH...

    If its a massive derilect ship, then imo any earth explorer astronauts crews should use extreme caution nearing or entering that massive abandoned ET vessal, because ya never know what or who may be residing in that abandoned small town size space vehical in a approx 2mi deep 15-20 mi radius lunar crator UC, SHEESHHHHHH those luna monument sizes are big.

    1. Ohhh how sweet! Lol!! Sheesh I say...wrong person.

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  7. Im imagining this vessals design to be akin to a large rounded edged & flat delta, & possibly standing on landing pods the size of apartment buildings, i mean TEN FRIGGIN MILES in length, & how about the thickness & frontal view to rear cross section deminsion sizes of the vessal, im guestimatin the ship to be approx 2-3 miles in thickness, & about 1 mi horrizontaly across the nose tip, to approx 3-4.5 mi horizontally acroos its tail end section of the delta shaped craft thats resting down in a approx 2mi deep crator, & hell in total deminsions thats the size of some small american towns for heaven sakes man, & im certain this type of craft is not a unusual phenomenon between certain kinds of humanoid beings that resides between the moon, mars & beyond, but to see a space vehical of such grandness is is so fantastic & remarkable, tho unfortunately for most uninitiated earth dwellers thats influenced mentally by 2days earths societal & religious programmed paradigms of living reality, & for any of these types of thk'rs to see such a massive display of other worldly technology & design would be beyond there comprehension, & would or could ultimately cause in some grave religous doubts & mental duress regarding these other worldly technological realitys of existances thats beyond most earth humans concepts of purposely & deliberate trained earth based PROFIT MOTIVE SCIENCE thats purposely taught to them from its lowest scientific denominator for those SecGov/GRB earth based profit motives that they inturn tax, steal & suck back up from the hard working earth masses earnings, savings & mtr'l assets whom they keep as economic slaves dwn here to help inhance those black budgeted prog's finances that they constantly keep secret from the gen pubs knowledge...

    That craft can transport a small town if that need arrises i imagine, so can you imagine fleets dispatched during a possible global earth calamity, OR perhaps a earths elites only escape vehical in the making if it happens UC.

  8. Hi Scott! I guess that the road is maybe artifact on the film as it continues over the picture frame on original slide. Lunar orbiter photos frame 3073.
    But the ship is interesting because it leaves shadows on the crater wall. So it has to be separate on it. Rgds. Mark

  9. Maybe a old star ship space vessal for "GIANT HUMANOIDS" that average 15-20 feet in hight perhaps too, that just came to thought as i watch this presentation, over & over & over & over & over & over again, & while in intense facination i realize now that whos to say that those large humaniods didnt have or perhaps maybe still do have there very own space prog UC...

    Just sayin.


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