Cigar UFO Over Denver, Colorado On April 6, 2016, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 6, 2016
Location of sighting: Denver, Colorado, USA
Source: MUFON #75749
HD Photo: http://www.mufoncms.com/files_jeud8334j/75749_submitter_file1__2016040610.03.15.jpg

This is a great example of a cigar UFO. The Rocky Mountains are home to a few underground bases in Colorado, and its been reported that police there have recorded glowing orbs moving over the mountains. Makes me wonder...who was here first, us or them? And if they were born on...or in our planet, then what should we call them?
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
Left my home travelling north and got stopped at a traffic light. Then I saw this object through my windshield. I live halfway between the Denver airport and the downtown area, and regularly see planes at lower elevations as they get near/leave the airport. I saw the object, which was flying at a standard height for a plane leaving the airport. I was close enough to make out the detail of it. It looked like a large white cargo plane, but with no wings, tail, and had a round front. By the time I grabbed my phone to take a photo the view of object was now out the drivers side window to the south west. I was able to get one photo then the light turned green and I had to drive on. The object was closer when I first saw it, but flow off pretty fast in a straight line to the south west.


  1. Ok ok, a tubular/cigar shaped UFO seen in Colorado, weres my "Thinkin Helmet" found it, strap on snug, now flip your blue LED On/off sw on the right side of the helmet & here goes 3 2 1...

    I/we do realize now that one of the "U.S. Space Command" units are located there, & uh most of us onboard Scotts ship here do know or will soon realize the Colorado Airports macabre Murals & those images possible dire minings/warnings & etc, & also another revelation ive/we've recently learned is that the C I A have relocated there main personell offices, staff personell & mtr'ls from Langley V, to Colorado if not totally trans stationed there as of now but very soon will be RIGHT!...

    Ok ok dont take ya thk'ing helmets off crewmates until i tell ya, & thats a order, now while you all here still have them on lets now focus on why Colorado is such a good good geo location now in this present earth time for the american Super Elite Plutocrats recently, again now consider the U.S. Space Commands location, those vast under ground city sized facilites, now while ya helmets are still on i want every man women & being here to brace yourselves on your control modules firmly tho not tighly, hell i dont want ya to get ah hum bodily hurt, ok 3 2 1...

    Why the hell this sudden increase in those tubular CARGO & TRANSPORT ET vessals thats been increasingly seen around Colorado lately is all im indicating here, ok crewmates helmets off, so i hope you've deduced that question that ive indicated.

  2. I saw it on may 8,16 east of Commerce City, alt. approx 2000 ft. headed So. So. west. Speed looked to be about 150. Straight line. Description: White Capsule shaped (cylinder) hemispherical both ends. No windows visible from a 3/4 view aft.No vapor trail or opening in the rear.I saw one similar to this in 1955 at NAS Norman Oklahoma aircraft school.It came from EAst, North East did a gentle curve to the So.toward Ardmore Okla. Being an aircraft mechanic I later realized what it was. It was a DC6 fuselage with no wings or tail but was a cigar shaped with a truncated tail cone and a standard cockpit with wind shield.I later believed that Victor Schauberger, ex NAZI prisoner/ scientist was involved with that one when he went to a facility run by a Bob Donner in Texas who kept him captive until he signed over his patents so that he could return to Germany. In 1971 I was rebuilding an N3N biplane spray plane down in Monte Vista, Co. that had flipped over on its back in an alfalfa field with 1200 lbs. of 24D in it. anyway I met a local farmer when he came in the hangar to visit with my boss and I asked him if he had seen any UFOs and he said yes and if I wanted to see them I shoul get up around 3:AM and look toward Mosca pass by the Great sand dunes. We had just sat down in front of a large picture window when three very large ones emerged one at a time from the dunes. There was an aqua colored around them until they got to what looked to be about 15 to 20 thousand feet headed So. East and then the lights went out. We took a 180 Cessna over the dunes to see if there was any prints in a thin layer of snow, there were none. I personally thing that they can move through atmospheres, water as well as soil with ease by displacement.RK


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