Giant White Disk Caught Over Cusco, Peru On Video, April 13, 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 13, 2016
Location of sighting: Pucyura, Cusco, Peru

On the morning of April 13 (2016) An unidentified flying object was sighted by villagers in the town of Pucyura in Vilcabamba (Cusco). Raul Puma (eyewitness) managed to get this video and ensures us that it was something never before seen in the area. "I managed it to film at approximately 07:30 hours, but the object was flying over the area Habaspata very early, sometimes it approached and moved away from where we were not emit any kind of sound and from one moment to another disappeared the clouds ", stated Puma. 

These are the exact same UFOs that I reported back in Aug 25, 2011 here at USD. (Click here to view old photos).

This is a great photo of a disk that is trying to cloak like a cloud. It has the exact same color as the clouds nearby, but it was caught only because it left its cloud and moved across the blue sky. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. And you were just talking about that yesterday. How without infrared equipment the only way to usually spot them is when they move across a blue sky. The human eye is very good at picking up movement

  2. A beautiful craft, being, or who knows maybe a combo of both, but what i find interesting on it were those violet looking or what i percieve energy feilds circling around the mid circumfrance of the possible craft or sentient celestial bio mechanical being perhaps combined.?...

    Hell a lot to ponder out there UC.

  3. It's a balloon from the Google Loon project who are putting them up around the world to supply internet access to remote corners of the earth... jet stream transport....

  4. It's a Google Loon balloon.....


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