Two Faces Found On Google Mars, More Surround It. May 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

 Below is one aquatic looking face with elongated skull. 

Date of discovery: May 28, 2016
Location of discovery: Mars, Hellas Basin
Google coordinates:  39° 8'48.53"S 53°31'24.55"E

This is an extraordinary discovery. We see the faces of two aliens side by side which measure 45 meters from chin to top of head...or top of crown. The face on the right of the red circle is looks similar to us, but one on the left looks like a cat with open mouth about to bite the one on the right. Both only show 40-50% of their faces. It shows the relationship between the top aliens, but the real question is, are they of the same species or does this show a friendship between different species? These faces were found by Mars researcher Luxor2012ufo of Youtube. There are a lot of other faces very close to these, and this is a sign that there was once a massive alien community living in this area, above or below the ground. Also in the area are many broken faces...as if they were made so long ago, and were destroyed by erosion, earthquakes or something big. I see chins with lips, eyes and foreheads but most are less than 40% of the face remaining. 

Scott C. Waring


  1. Damm that fella is dirt ugly.

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    1. What the hell kind of comment is that?

      "Yes I like it!!"

      Good lord. Wtf.

  3. One of the lamest reports I have evwr seen.

    Keep it up with the rock faces and you will destroy whatever reputation you have left.

    Do you not care that everyone other than X15 (who is totally insane) and a few idiots that can't even spell make fun of you?

    Well, it provides for some hilarious entertainment, I'll give ya that.

    But seriously this report is garbage. How can you actually post this stuff.


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  5. Does anyone else see what looks to me like it might be holding a child (or female /creature) who's arm is extended across what would be the statues chest,then fist with finger pointing to our left. It's face in profile, also facing left. Is that a possible cat-like ear it has? Maybe my imagination is running wild? It's kinda neat, if you see it! �� this site!

  6. The profile I was referring to is at the statues shoulder level & down. Not the one up & to our right of the statues head. For clarity.

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