Guy Summoned UFO In Front Of Many People, Norway, April 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April and May of 2016
Location of sighting: Norway

This guy has done this many times before and has had close up sightings like the one at 6 min into the video (above photos). Its just a fact that some entities (UFOs, drones, aliens) can hear a focused human thought from miles away. Not all mind you, but some. I have tried it and succeeded on the first try...which blew my mind. It doesn't work every time. but be prepared. I had a tripod set up watching the sky as the baseball size orb came up right behind me 2 meters away on an 8 floor roof! They are sneaky, and like to think they can outsmart you. Might be best to have 3 or more cameras with tripods facing opposite directions. 

Oh and guys, anyone can summon a UFO. Its not a gift, its the passion and effort of your focused thought. Clear your mind, and think nice thoughts and ask them to come. 
Scott C. Waring

Robbert Van Den Broeke of Youtube states: 
Robbert van den Broeke is a medium who is in contact with what he feels is the "Divine." Recently he has also been able to request the presence of "UFOs." Listen to witnesses to some of his abilities TESTIFY to their experiences of Robbert's abilities in this video. Later in the video you can hear witnesses speak about Robbert who appeared to them. This phenomenon is also called bilocation.


  1. I have recently become awakened to the fact that we are being visited and have been for sometime. I believe the beings can sense human awaking and they will reward those who are awakened to their presence. The beings want so badly to help our species evolve but can not disclose themselves to the masses for fear of social disruption.

  2. scott
    this guy was a proven fraudster


    1. Well, that may be true, but being labeled a fraud or hoaxer, doesn't mean its always true. I got a few people out there saying the same about me. I think some of those people are just crazy in the head or had cruel childhood and decide to get on the internet and take it out on others. The label hoax is a hoax in itself. Beware of labels.

    2. No one is saying Scott is a hoaxster.

      People are saying Scott has no credibility and thinks every rock he sees is proof of aliens.

      People are also saying that he is an embarrassment to ufology and is childishly gullible.

      But hoax...nah. No one gives Scott enough credit to build an actusl hoax. He just sees rocks that kind of look like shadowy faces and honestly thinks each one is an alien sculpture.

      Sad, yes. Hoax...no.

  3. If this guy can summon ufos and has done it before, why don't we crystal clear pictures and video?

    1. Because is is totally full of crap.

      That's why.

  4. Dr Steven Greer has been doing this for years,,, watch his,,,

  5. To the guy pretending to be Tesla, how is that even the same person? Did he dye his hair and change his face in the link you gave then? Like hell would Tesla have to do with f-ing skeptics.


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