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Guy Summoned UFO In Front Of Many People, Norway, April 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April and May of 2016
Location of sighting: Norway

This guy has done this many times before and has had close up sightings like the one at 6 min into the video (above photos). Its just a fact that some entities (UFOs, drones, aliens) can hear a focused human thought from miles away. Not all mind you, but some. I have tried it and succeeded on the first try...which blew my mind. It doesn't work every time. but be prepared. I had a tripod set up watching the sky as the baseball size orb came up right behind me 2 meters away on an 8 floor roof! They are sneaky, and like to think they can outsmart you. Might be best to have 3 or more cameras with tripods facing opposite directions. 

Oh and guys, anyone can summon a UFO. Its not a gift, its the passion and effort of your focused thought. Clear your mind, and think nice thoughts and ask them to come. 
Scott C. Waring

Robbert Van Den Broeke of Youtube states: 
Robbert van den Broeke is a medium who is in contact with what he feels is the "Divine." Recently he has also been able to request the presence of "UFOs." Listen to witnesses to some of his abilities TESTIFY to their experiences of Robbert's abilities in this video. Later in the video you can hear witnesses speak about Robbert who appeared to them. This phenomenon is also called bilocation.


Man Can Summon UFOs To Appear Over Pasadena, California Video News.

Location of sighting: Pasadina, California, USA
Date of sighting: None, they come when he meditates for them to come.

This is a person who has been exposed to UFOs for a long time. He has learned to call them when he wishes to see them and when they come, often several come together. This is not a unique ability in only him. We all have this ability to call the UFOs when we wish them to appear. But we need to focus our thoughts and give them 15-25 minutes to appear. Practicing helps by visualizing your thoughts shooting out of you like a radar signal shooting towards the clouds. Then move this signal across the sky until all has been covered. You must have pure intentions. I myself SCW have called them. While at the Taipei 101 building during 2012 new years. 15 minutes later I and my friends and family saw 30-50 reflective objects fly across the sky toward the building and flash at us, then...dissapeared before they hit the building. Also one very bright UFO buzzed over and around the 101 just seconds before the fireworks were shot off of the building. My sighting was the first UFO sighting of 2012. You can call them, but you need to practice. SCW

UFO Sightings UFOs or Angels? Massive Sighting Man Summons UFO! Multiple eyewitnesses!

Date of sighting: April 2012
Location of sighting: Park Plaza Hotel, California, USA

UFO Sightings UFOs or Angels Part Two Man Who Summons UFOs Massive Sighting Park Plaza Hotel California Multiple eyewitnesses! Robert Bingham Claims he can contact ant summon ufos at will. Today we show the world that he can!


UFO sighting ove Durham, North Carolina of UFO summoned by the eyewitness, June 7, 2011, photo.

Date of sighting: June 7, 2011
Location of sighting: Durham, North Carolina, USA

This is an interesting sighting this week. He claims to have summoned a UFO by using thoughts in a meditation like stance. I have heard of such things and so far the evidence say they are correct, UFOs or orbs can be summoned with the power of your will, if try hard enough.

Click to enlarge.

Eyewitness states:

"I saw this video online and tried it myself. I believe there are beings out there and this could be my second ufo encounter. I followed what that guy did in the video and then waited. I did see some strange streaks but nothing i could take a photo of. I waited about 10 minutes or so and saw a strange round cloud over the next office building adjacent to my job. This was after I said outloud....ok show up over that building and let me take a picture. I snapped two pictures using my Samsung Epic smartphone. The cloud looked odd but I can be explained I am sure. After reviewing the pictures, that is when I saw the strange object. I am not sure what that is to be honest. Just a strange coincidence considering me trying what that guy did in that video. Yea, I thought it was retarded at first...but I don't knock it until I try it. The photos are time stamped automatically by the phone. One photo shows the object to the upper left...the second photo was taken around 15 seconds after the initial one."

Let me present you with this example of a person who can summon UFO orbs on command and he does it in front of action news 11 in Las Vegas, Nevada. And anyone can do it.

☯ Scott C. Waring wrote “UFO Sightings of 2006-2009” and “Dragons of Asgard” ☯