Ancient Face On Mars Grins Through It All, Proof That Intelligent Beings On Mars, June 11, 2016, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

 Notice not just the face, but that NASA deliberately blurred the upper right part of this above screenshot. 
Date of discovery:  June 11, 2016
Location of discover: Mars, SOL 432

I found this grinning face that seems to still contain some of its character. Its laying on its right side and had it been found by any archeologists on Earth, they would have declared that they have found a beautifully carved sculpture, a treasure that would be proof of an ancient city in this location. Instead I fear that that will never happen. But I know in my heart that these faces were created by an ancient race of intelligent beings. I also know that many of you out there feel the same way. So, this is not for the world, but only for each of you, the readers of UFO Sightings Daily, because its you that inspires me to go on with this everyday. To keep searching, to keep trying to move forward. We make a good team, you and I. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. The blurry part of the image looks to be steam, or some such thing, due to volcanic activity. Very cool

  2. Still looking for that beautifully carved sculpture. I see a landscape of rocks. Adding some color or lighting distorts. Wish u would stop the manipulation.

  3. If you look above the two red circles you can see a more distinctive face exactly in between the red circles but just above ... Definitely looks more realistic than what you've circled

  4. I have enjoyed a few posts here lately, but I'm sorry, these simply do not look like beautifully carved statues. At all.

    Not to be rude, but they BARELY even look like faces. I guess they KIND of do....but not really much at all. Especially considering there are rocks in this very picture that look more like faces.

    You say "I know in my heart that these faces were created by an ancient race of intelligent beings"

    Scott; you have a responsibility as a scientific researcher.

    Belief, faith, things in your heart...those things are for religion, where science, evidence and proof don't matter.

    But this is UFOlogy. You can't just post a picture of a rock then claim it is proof of aliens because you "feel" like it is, or that you "believe" it is.

    It's just simply not how scientific research and proof works. It just isn't.

    Thanks for you time and work. I don't expect you to publish this comment, but I do hope you read it.

    1. Yes, calling a weird looking rock a "smiling face" is, IMHO, a bit of a stretch, especially when there are way more believable artifacts to be marveled at. Unfortunately, this is not one of those marvels.

  5. That doesn't resemble any kind of bones, it's just pareidolia, our brain sees faces in random patterns...there's a "skull" on my wall now for example

  6. It's always faces. There are no faces and there won't be any faces. Face the facing reality. Please post. It's funny.


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