UFO Recorded By Google Car Mapping Argentina, June 12, 2016, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: June 12, 2016
Location of discovery: El Cholar, Argentina
Google coordinates: 37°26'35.60"S 70°39'13.09"W

This was sent into me yesterday by a reader of UFO Sightings Daily. He said he found a an object on Google Earth in Argentina that he wanted me to take a look at, because it had a disk shape. 

When I checked out the coordinates he gave me, I found that the UFO was visible 4 times. The first three times its seen far away, but still a disk shape...tilted. The fourth and final time its extremely close and tilted again. 

Its also tilted, which is what Bob Lazar (Area S4 scientist) says that disks need to do to move from place to place. It also has an antenna sticking out of it, this shows us the direction its moving, the antenna seems to be bent the opposite way. Purpose may be for magnetic energy waves it harness to hover. 

This is a very old and secluded area. I see brick buildings that were made in the 1800s nearby, with very few farms ever few miles. This is the perfect location of UFOs to do research on humans or other creatures and not be noticed. 

Absolute proof of UFOs existing and aliens observing humans from a distance. 

Scott C. Waring


  1. Google Coordinates= 37°26'35.60"S 70°39'13.09"W

  2. Awesome that it can be verified from multiple angles, great find!

  3. Hi Scott. Very good your report on the Cholar, Neuquen, Argentina.
    The researcher Marcelo Irazusta performed a very interesting video on my channel public a few days ago.
    Really very interesting.
    Also, Irazusta, has found another similar UFO in Virginia, USA, is viewed using the application of Google Street.
    The link to the video is
    If you want you have my permission to publish it.
    Thank you very much.

  4. "Absolute proof of UFOs existing and aliens observing humans from a distance"

    Man, I'm sorry, but this isn't proof in any way, shape or form.

    That object could be many things.

    It's a UFO, which means it is UNIDENTIFIED. If you mean to say it is a ship, then it becomes identified, and is no longer a UFO. It is then an alien craft.

    But here's the problem. We cannot prove that is an alien ship. There's literally no way to prove it with this very blurry picture.

    So to say that this is "Absolute proof of UFOs existing and aliens observing humans from a distance" is just blatantly incorrect.

    Look, I believe aliens exist. I do...but I'm sorry, this is in NO WAY proof of anything, sir.

    I mean, what is the proof? What is the compelling, undeniable evidence here? Just a blurry image that could be as simple as a frisbee? How can anyone claim this is proof of aliens watching us?

    That isn't how proof works sir...but thanks for your work.

    1. Well said, Scott needs to get real about what proof is and UFO's really are - Unidentified Flying Objects NOT Identified Flying Objects!

  5. PLEASW WATCH THJS VIDEO SCOTT. Please explain to me what this could be...


    Is a raw footage from my iPhone. There was 3 objects floating very bright in Queens NYC. Thanks man.

  6. @inugeo

    Pretty cool video and interesting catch with the actual planes in the background. I wonder if someone could simulate this with quadcopters. Im not suggesting what you saw were quads because to simulate splitting and stuff like that I'm sure it's possible but not likely that complex for a prank. Seeing how they move though I could see someone tricking a lot of people with a quad. I wonder how many sighting have been contributed to quadcopters as well.


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