Mechanical Monster Robot Found On Mars And Digitally Enhanced, June 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: 2015 enhanced June 2016
Location of discovery: Mars
Source NASA Photo: http://mars.nasa.gov/msl/multimedia/raw/?rawid=1270ML0059460240504394E01_DXXX&s=1270

The chance of this object being mechanical has jumped from 60% back in 2015 on its discovery date, to 95% today. This is a fantastic video that shows the enhanced object as its coming around the hill. Check the NASA source...we always put the source above for you to check. Its there on a NASA site, a government site, which means the source cannot be disputed and thus makes discoveries in NASA photos real proof and thus cannot be debunked.

Excellent and exciting video by Paranormal Crucible of Youtube. Please stop in and click his like button to show your support for his work. 
Scott C. Waring

Paranormal Crucible states: 
Could it be possible that weaponized robotic machines roam the Martian surface? Advanced mechanical devices possibly built and operated by an off world extraterrestrial species? This one is truly bizarre and interesting.


  1. Whoa!!!! Thisnis exactly like the robot in my story Robots on Sunset, in my book Aliens Exist, now on kindle.

  2. thats a PILE OF ROCKS. Not " digitally enhanced " , but " altered using computer programs and imagination " ... i belieeeeeve in Aliens ! ......but this....this is a sh!t show at it's highest peak.... you sir are a mockery, and I could teach English %150 better than you, on any given day. ... cant wait for more colorized " faces " , and " statues " , and " creatures " . . . .can the internet fire this guy and get somebody who ISN'T A COMPLETE TOOL ? " Ouu i was on Fox news, bla bla bla " ....nobody cares lol . I hope you get abducted my the ugliest aliens ever, and they use you and your site as an example of what a really stupid Earthling with no life is capable of. :)Good Day Sir.

  3. I've seen a photo of that turret before somewhere.. without the legs half buried in the marsian sands ..

  4. That is pretty crazy.

    I don't really have an explanation for this.

    You cannot by any means say that you know it is an active machine. You just don't know that.

    But, that is by no means part of the landscape, and I'd like to point out there seems to be some kind of control building with two antenna in the distance, about halfway on the landscape.

    I still HATE the altered pics. Just show people the original and let them see for themselves.

  5. Hey Scott! Did You observe the vertical withe line present in original Nasa Image? If You downolad the nasa hires image, you can see that the line has the origin in a withe large (metal like) spot in the sky? Do You know what is it? regards

  6. Joseph Skipper highlighted this year's ago on his site. maybe this is where the missing trillions went down Darpa martian hole. Never was a rock. Good job brining this back.

  7. This fits right in with an episode of "Ancient Aliens", which I just saw, where they present rather convincing evidence of WMD's used on Mars in ancient times.

  8. Oh wow another rock from daniels island...

    "once the colorization and enhancement is completed"...aka once I make this look a robot, it looks like a robot.

  9. Enhanced photos. Doctored photos. Fuzzy photos. Lightened and darkened photos. With all this alien stuff spread throughout our solar system you'd figure there would be one unambiguous photo. Just one.

    1. Why is this comment allowed but mine get blocked?

      Usually any comments like this one gets removed.

    2. It wasn't a personal attack against me...just a personal view of the video given. There is no bullying on my site, not now, not ever.

    3. I haven't posted anything even close to "bullying" lately, and only did so when you blocked perfectly fine quotes like the one above.

    4. Then stop saying mean things about me and my site. Go to some other UFO site to do that. Lots out there for you. Go try http://www.latest-ufo-sightings.net they are a nice site with current info.

  10. What i dont like about "Paranoia Crucially" is that by the time they get the original NASA images, well crewmates i notice & dont you notice too the obfuscation of the originals that i suspect that PC do so well along w/ "Insecure Team 10's crappolla, & hell even "Turdfaceofdamoon" nonsense, whom all & even others thats now hitting the web UFO scene lately are to me & conscious others here too that may realize that intell ops are possibly involved by some tho not all of these phonies whos mission statement is to PROPAGANDIZE those NASA image info, & lets not forget to mention the AD revenue to be cashed out to these fake UFO info orgs UC...

    So remember crewmates, Paranoia Crucially, Insecure Team 10 & Turdfaceofdamoon is on my personal BS indicator doubt list so howbout you, & ill indicate also that theres more of these UFO/Anomolie storie phonies thats springing up like poisoned mushrooms on the web thats following there lead, i mean you can see the BS from them as clear as night & day RIGHT!!!!!, hell i remember when the image of that legged martian machine on the side of the hill that Scott posted a few mo's ago 1st on his site did not look like a totally weaponized star wars machine as PC would have it look like, but more of a utility vehical w/ a forward cabin, tho not to say that the orig imaged martian land rover machine did not have weapons sys's capabilities, but not as PC present it after there image remake, & ive compared numerous presentations from them & they do looked washed over & remade image wise by them in my absolute humble of humbless opinoion...

    Or do ya want a brand new one size fit all "THINKIN HELMET", & you know they come in assorted colors now for you fashion conscious crewmates onboard this ship.


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