Four UFOs Over Memphis, Tennessee Following Jet On July 12, 2016, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: July 12, 2016
Location of sighting: Memphis, Tennessee, USA
News Source: MUFON report #77636

This is interesting. A group of metallic orbs was seen coming out of a cloud and was near a plane flying past. Perhaps the orbs were hiding and waiting for planes, so they could scan the technology. My favorite part of the eyewitness description is that he noticed the orbs come out of the cloud before he took the photo. Excellent. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
I was at work when I took this photo. I work in Memphis,Tn. The warehouse is only maybe 5 miles from Memphis international Airport. I was on my lunch break from 1230 to 1 o'clock Pm. I Saw a large military cargo plane ( the kind that drops tanks out of the back with parachutes attached) taking off from the airport heading south, then turned to head east as it was taking off. The plane made a small maneuver, ( I thought to myself that the huge plane shouldn't try that at such a slow speed.) as the metallic orbs appeared out of the small clouds. I grabbed my phone to try and capture both the plane and the orbs closer together.The military plane can still be seen very well by zooming in. I stopped looking at the orbs to check the photo for both plane and orbs,GOT THEM BOTH, when I looked back to the sky I didnt see the orbs any more. Also there appears to be a bird flying close to one of the orbs. I Am including a screenshot of the details from the photo along with the photo, and map of where I work showing the airport. Enjoy. Also I have seen Chinook helicopters flying in groups of three for the past few days, just throwing that in there.


  1. A 5th on bottom left "corner" of your top right circle . Directly inbetween the two adjoining cloudlines

  2. I haven't told any news outlets about my photo to keep the hoaxes to a minimum. I took another photo the next morning and caught another one. It is at about 5:50am and this one is illuminated.

  3. Last night my wife and I were driving though Memphis and seen 6 UFOs. We were in shock at what we had seen. We tried to pull over to get a picture but traffic was heavy. Two were just hovering over the interstate and the others were over neighborhoods. It was the most crazy, amazing thing I ever seen. I'm not one to believe in these types of things but seeing is believing.

    1. Yep. I was lucky to catch em. I believe these round ones are owned by military, I mean US CITIZENS. The government will not keep getting away with everything much longer.


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