Light Entity Caught Over Slippery Rock, PA - September 18, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Sept 18, 2016
Location of sighting: Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, USA
News source: MUFON #79259

This is a light entity. They do not need ships to travel in and they move around very fast. In a blink of an eye they can make a 500 meter circle in the sky above you...yes, I have seen a a fleet of about 50 of them one night with my family, and yes, about 5 of them came back and did the circle thing above us for almost ten minutes. They see you faster than you will notice them. They think on a turbo charged level, meaning 10-50X our own speed and move equally with that, but their curiosity often gets them caught on camera. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
Hello, my name is [Name removed]. I'm currently a student at slippery rock university double majoring in physics/mechanical engineering, and this is my ufo story. Let me start off by saying: I usually try to rationalize things before I come to conclusions, but I can tell you that this wasn't ball lighting, dust particles, or bugs. I was doing my statics homework at 10:20-10:27pm Saturday September 18th when suddenly I notoced a bright dot out of the corner of my eye followed by my neighbors dog barking like crazy. Upon noticing these things, I then turned towards the window and saw a very bright, basketball sized, white/silver, beautifully uniquely shaped ufo (orb). This orb was like nothing ive ever seen or experienced before. The best way I can describe it is somewhat angelic. It's shape was mainly spherical, but looked Like it was a spherical shape hard to comprehend(like a 2 dimensional creature seeing a 3 dimensional sphere). It's almost like it came from a higher dimensional plane, managed to somehow project to our plane, gave off a feeling of power and love, and was accompanied by a light humming sound. I hypothesize that mathematically, this type of "dimensional projection" can be explained by mapping from a 4 dimensional vector plane(their reality) onto a 3 dimensional vector plane(our reality) (linear algebra transformations). This would allow an orb of possibly a higher dimension to travel to lower dimensions and be visible to us 3 dimensional creatures. The orb's travel path was linear, traveling from the woods (behind the back parking lot of my building) to a lamp post (in the back parking lot). While traveling, it was pulsating. Again, I was absolutely astonished by this object. The duration of time it took the orb to travel from the woods to the lamp post was approximately 1 minute. When the orb neared the light post, it caused the lights to dim initially. When the lights brightened, the orb started to almost "dance" around them in some sort of way. The object appeared to be metallic and have some sort of electric and magnetic field around it. With that being said, It's almost like the orb was trying to "charge" itself by interacting it's magnetic field against the electric field emitted by the light (this is explained by the solinoid-coil experiment to create a charge). As the orb did this it started to brighten. After staring at this orb baffled, confused, and coming to the realization that I wasn't seeing things, I took out my phone and started recording it. After a couple seconds of recording I waved my hands to try to get it's attention. Upon seeing me, the orb started to zigzag from one point in space to another instantly (null geodesic) and then suddenly vanished instantly. Also, the object appears to disappear traveling to the left. I submitted the original unedited video I took below so if you want to see how the object actually takes off, slow down the time frames in the video at the time gap from 32s- 36s. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and watch the video. And as a junior physics and engineering student I ensure the accuracy of the theory and invite you to look into the physics/mathematical topics after watching the video to try to make sense of these ufos and their nature. Hope to hear back from you soon.


  1. that is a pretty poor example of a hoax light like a laser shined at a piece of plywood or some board placed up high.. thats obvious man

  2. to add on to that i feel like a hoax that bad from those guys is like a big f-u to all those genuinely looking into these things.. mufon got egg on their face on this one!

  3. I'd say it's not a fake only because i've seen something just like this woth my own eyes and I live about 2 hours from there in the mountains of WV


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