Fidel Castro Saw A UFO During Cuban Revolution, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: 1958-59
Location of sighting: Sierra Maestra, Cuba
News source: http://inexplicata.blogspot.tw
Article by Yohanan Díaz Vargas for El Gráfico

This is a rare treat. Information about Fidel Castro not only witnessing a UFO during the revolution, but also commenting about it. It makes sense you know...aliens wanting to see the leaders of the world separately, one by one, doing the thing they are so famous for. UFOs are not only capable of space travel, but most are also capable of time travel. The UFO he witnessed is very similar to the UFO that came over the sacred Temple Rock in 2011, witnessed by tens of thousands of tourists. Video covers several angles. I will post it below to compare. 
Scott C. Waring

Inexplicata UFO News states: 
Renowned researcher and writer Juan José Benítez turned 70 this year on September 1st, 50 of which he has spent within journalism. By way of celebration, Editorial Planeta made the book "Solo Para Tus Ojos" (For Your Eyes Only) available in Mexico, with a selection of the 300 cases that have most startled the author of unidentified flying objects.

One of these cases -- on page 83 -- discusses a sighting by Fidel Castro before 1959, when the Cuban Revolution was up in the Sierra Maestra mountain range.

"I have seen one," Castro told Panamanian researcher Jose Luis Gil during an official event with Panamanian president Martín Torrijos.

"There we were, in the middle of the night," Fidel explained, "with our rifles on our knees. Then we suddenly saw a light darting among the stars. The light approached the group of commanders and poured over us like a bucket. It was round and enormous. The countryside and the mountains became illuminated as though it was daylight." This statement has caught the attention of the UFO community worldwide, given that it is a high credibility report from one of the century's most emblematic characters.

"Solo para Tus Ojos is the first installment of a trilogy. The second is written and the third is yet to be written, “says J.J. Benitez. "My intention was to collect a thousand cases from all over the world which caught my attention for some reason at the time, and which are unpublished events."

Benítez, who has sold almost nine million copies worldwide, added that "this book is an acknowledgement to all of the people who have followed me since 1972, forty-four years of uninterrupted research all over the world."

Juanjo, as he likes his friends to call him, is considered a living legend in UFO research and dissemination worldwide. An author who has gone around the world a hundred times, always after mysteries, enigmas and anomalous flying objects.

When asked about the conclusions of his research, he said:

"First and foremost is that the UFO phenomenon is true, the phenomenon is real, there is no doubt at all by those who have certain information at their disposal or have seen them. Second, is that "they" are not human. They do not originate from the Earth. They hail from multiple points of origin, galaxies, unknown dimensions to which we still lack access. Third, they have been here always. When we research history, cave art, mythology, we realize that this is indeed the case. They were already here at the dawn of time, and before that as well."

Solo para Tus Ojos also makes reference to cases that have taken place in Mexico, researched directly by Benitez in the vicinity of Mexico City's Mount Ajusco; Metepec in the State of Mexico and Guadalajara, Jalisco.


  1. This video was proven fake a while back

    1. No it hasn't. A few kids 4 years later posted debunk on titles and there was no evidence, not explanation why, no proof at all about their claims of it being fake, just some kids trying to get attention to their Youtube channels. I analysed all the videos, photos and eyewitness statements, and none of them know each other, as a matter of fact, they are all from different countries since all were tourists to the area.

    2. This and 30 other videos caught the moment and were authenticated by Fox news as real, unaltered, and aired.

    3. no it definitely was not a proven fake bud, gotta get a little deeper than searching for tag with a hoax or debunked ufo. i could make a genuine vid of my dog peeing 'which they do" and then describe it as a debunked or hoax fake pee vid. so title means nothing. the hoax works both ways

    4. no it definitely was not a proven fake bud, gotta get a little deeper than searching for tag with a hoax or debunked ufo. i could make a genuine vid of my dog peeing 'which they do" and then describe it as a debunked or hoax fake pee vid. so title means nothing. the hoax works both ways

    5. So everything posted on this site is real??? Cmon now

    6. I put up only what I have seen to be true, or has a source to back it up. Not everything is true, I'm sure a few things got past me, but I do my best to keep it real. Almost all photos of bases, buildings and some ships have NASA, ESA or other gov source URLs to back them up.

  2. Scott is right on da money here! He has been doing this for along time & I don't doubt his work...👏 so awesome

  3. Scott has no desire, or need, to knowingingly publish fake material. If you followed for long, you would draw the same conclusion

  4. Yes indeed that "Need to Know" regarding the social political make up of those visited & observed worlds society's would be of interest to perhaps most sentient humanoid & particularly those more human looking ET's that can blend in society unoticed dwn here thats doing cultural observation studies to name a few covert task in particular, these ET's are extremely low keyed & you must be a very special earth born person to communicate w/ thru them. 😏


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