WikiLeaks Reveals Nibiru Information in Hillary Clinton Campaign Emails, UFO Sighting News

Date of email: Sept 7, 2014
Date of email release: Oct 2016
URL to email: https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/447

Here is an interesting email sent to Podesta, then forwarded from him to Hillary Clinton that speaks of Nibiru, and the proof that it exists. If this information was nonsense, then why would it be in Hillary's email? Therefore there must be some truth to it all. Just a few months ago, NASA admitted to a possible 9th mysterious planet out there in orbit. Its been seen on NASA charts and NASA said they found evidence that Planet X does exist and its just a matter of time before they find it. So...it looks like Podesta is pushing Hillary towards disclosure...its not all BS talk to get votes. 
Scott C. Waring

Email states: 

Glaciers melting at alarming rate! Huge uptick in meteor fireballs! Sharp rise in tornadoes, quakes, volcanic eruptions, sinkholes, landslides, melting permafrost, ocean warming.  IS A NEAR-TERM WORLDWIDE CATACLYSM AHEAD ???  (Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open!!)  A gigantic hierarchical website of transcribed communications to an American woman, over more than 15 years to date, from benevolent extra-terrestrials, claims that Planet X (or historical Nibiru), four times larger in diameter than Earth and magnetically more than 20 times stronger, is on a long elliptical path now slowly passing between the Sun and Earth --- and does so every 3600+ years. The existence of Nibiru and its long orbit was first revealed by the Jewish-American scholar Zecharia Sitchin in his 1976 book “The 12th Planet” and multiple follow-on authored books all based on his Middle-Eastern archeological hieroglyphic interpretations. Nibiru was first spotted remotely by USA astronomers in 1983 and reported at that time in the Washington Post --- but since has been subject to a governmental coverup.  It is currently hidden in the Sun's glare, but distant photo images have been provided on the website and the internet. As it passes closer to Earth with its long tail of moons and asteroids, likely within the next 24-or-so months, the aliens’ website predicts it will cause a drastic Earth pole shift of about ninety degrees, due to its magnetic strength. This would result per the website in more Earth wobble, then violent mega-earthquakes, super-hurricane winds, worldwide volcanic eruptions, and oceanic sloshing with gigantic tidal waves inundating most low-lying coastal areas and cities, e.g., Netherlands, Denmark, Bangladesh, Singapore, Hong Kong, NYC, LA, Miami. Food, water, electricity, and gasoline distribution would collapse resulting in massive relocations, rampant crime, riots and starvation. Much housing would be destroyed. Melting old poles combined with much warmer oceans due to a hotter Earth core, per the aliens, would cause a greater than 600 foot rise in ocean levels in the following two years. In worst case, as little as ten or twenty percent of the world population might survive.  Exactly when this shift might happen is unclear if all goes as currently projected, but we already have an unusual number of signs. A rise in strong earthquakes, e.g., Chile, New Zealand, Sumatra, northern Japan, Turkey. Increasing volcanic activity occurring worldwide. Alarming glacier melting. Unprecedented land sinking, e.g., Java, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia. Malfunctioning electronic connections for satellites. Bridge and mine collapses. Worldwide RR derailments. Water, sewer and gas line breaks. And much unusual weather: Intractable droughts, with massive crop damage. Unprecedented regional downpours and flooding major regions, e.g., Java, Philippines. Much flooding in unusual spots. Giant sinkholes, e.g., China, Pennsylvania, Florida. Unusual rogue tidal waves. A sharp rise in USA tornadoes. Melting pole ice and glaciers. Recently, huge asteroid hit, e.g., in Russia.  Minor wobbles of the Earth pole positions are occurring per the website. Nibiru's magnetic strength apparently is already stirring the earth environment and appears to be causing some of the climate change/global warming effects, questionably blamed on atmospheric CO2. Leading up to the shift, near-term, they predict more Japanese mega-quakes, a build-up of Midwest USA quakes from Memphis/New Madrid to Buffalo NY, then an early tsunami inundating low portions of the Netherlands, Denmark, and UK.  TAKING STEPS AHEAD OF TIME WOULD BE CRITICAL AS THE SHIFT WOULD TAKE PLACE WITH LIMITED WARNING. This is likely to happen before 2016 or 2017. Many early indicators are occurring as cited above, but mainly, a second (small blob-like) sun will next become visible in daylight by eyesight --- but apparently already visible with multiple moons and trailing dust/rock clouds per select photos (re Nibiru) in the website. There would, according to the alien predictions, be a lean of the North pole leading to three days of darkness for the northern hemisphere. The Internet would begin to malfunction as satellites, oceanic cables fail, as already occurring in the western Pacific. Within four months after the lean, the pole shift would then occur rather suddenly. If this does happen, to survive, food, water, and gasoline especially must be accumulated and stored. And camping equipment with gardening and other tools. Moving far away beforehand, i.e., at least 200 miles and 1000 ft elevation, from low coastal areas would be critical for survival.  Why hasn't Nibiru's existence been publicized? Because leaders in major governments know and have suppressed informing, wanting to avoid panic, hoping perhaps that results would be less than predicted. Severity of damages to Earth depend on where Earth is in its solar system orbit relative to the Nibiru passage. Only a select circle of world and USA leaders are informed and preparing. At some point, the various governments will be forced to openly announce its presence. Any first public announcement by USA/NASA leaders is likely to minimize projections in order to minimize reactionary panic.  All this may seem preposterous, but my extended research over the last dozen-plus years into pre-history, abandoned cities archeology, mythology, past geological catastrophes, such as many underwater civilization remnants, provide ample evidence for past pole shifts. Psychic messengers, Mother Mary apparition messages, UFO/alien communications, English crop circle designs, all are providing warnings specifically time-wise to a pole shift about this current period, based on a frequency pattern of every 3600+ years due to a periodic Nibiru flyby. No direct hit with Earth is anticipated.  For a few historical and geological examples:  1) Niagara Falls gorge was created about 3600 years ago per geologists, 2) Simultaneously, larger northern Canada lakes were created, 3) At that time, also an upward thrust of the Andes happened, 4) Greenland ice cores show volcanic ash layer about 1600+ BC, 5) Tree rings in Irish oak logs in peat bogs show growth stop about 1600+ BC, 6) California Bristlecone pine trees show no growth rings about 1600+ BC, 7) Thera/Santorini eruption occurred about 1600+ BC in Mediterranean, Minoan Crete culture inundated, 8) Shang Dynasty China suffered abrupt end about 1600+ BC due to severe events. 9)Alien messages from the Cassiopaean star system date the last shift specifically as the year 1588 BC--- plus 2014 = 3602 years, and 10) numerous other geological events e.g., about 11,000 years ago, or 3 times 3600 years, there is worldwide geological evidence of horrendous chaos about the time of the disappearance of Atlantis. Also, 4 times 3600 years is one estimate of the time period for inundation of a continent surrounding Easter Island.  NOW, in the spring of 2014, in spite of potential ridicule, I feel an obligation to alert everyone EARLY about the horrible possibilities to let you decide what if anything you will do to prepare. Look for related news, study, then ACT, or deny and ignore, as you see best for you and those you love. For verification, the one best source to review is *zetatalk.com *, the gigantic hierarchical website. And, search the Internet using the term “Planet X”  Especially, read these suggested website pages concerning the anticipated pole shift ---  For Evidence: Search Ning Chats archives (use the Search box)  1) Velikovsky & 3600 Signature 2) Passage in Prophecy & Legend 3) The Magnetic Dance between Earth & Planet X 4) English Crop Circle messages 5) Scripted Drama 6) Most Terrible Day  See Safe Locations:  e.g., Kansas safer than most; Florida, NYC, LA, New Orleans, Houston, and other low-lying world cities --- NOT safe  For follow-up: see 1) Ning Chats Archives on website every Saturday PM  2) Troubled Times (for suggested survival steps), and  3) Subscribe to the free weekly Internet Newsletter (published every Sunday AM)  THIS COULD ALL BE A QUESTIONABLE ALARM, BUT DON'T JUST IGNORE & DENY, SEE FOR YOURSELF AND DECIDE !!! IS IT A HOAX? No!! OR WRONG TIMING? OR OVERESTIMATED IMPACT?  BE CONCERNED FOR OTHERS. FORWARD THIS TO RELATIVES, FRIENDS, MEDIA, ETC. DJSmalter 03/2014 NOTE: “There have been very highly evolved civilizations on this planet. There have been bodies in space which came too close, which caused chaos and destruction. The civilizations were destroyed because evolvement was in technology and not in spiritual growth. CATASTROPHES ARE NEEDED FROM WHICH SOULS LEARN.”  Book Source: Andareon Theory., channeled from a benevolent group Andar



  1. It's one thing for a "conspiracy" site to post what is becoming more evident every day but a whole other thing when our "leaders" are prompted to take notice.

  2. Wow....this is a heavy one. Let's see....have the opportunity to move to the mountains

    1. What good will it do even running to higher ground, UC one could also have all the survival eguipment in the world, but if your not there in that safe location w/ your gear because of sudden check points thatll most likely spring up in populated towns like mushrooms for a period of time for ea ten miles etc, well it may take some time to get there if you make it back in enough time to retrieve your equip after the fecal mtr'l hits the turbine blade & if not, well then maybe someone else may survive a few more hrs or days using YOUR PAID FOR valuable survival eguip...

      OK OK the solution is simple, just carry all your survival gear w/ you everwhere ya go 24/7 in a "GO BAG" when things start to noticeably get worse & worser, good breathable boots & ample clean socks are important too, im also guessing that a select contingent of this worlds super elites & plutocrats just may TRY to escape this geo changing world via "Time Portals & Back Engineered Space Vehicals" given to them by malevolent ET's who would as a trade off w/ those elites have traded this world to the malevolents beings after the grave world changing event happens, & thus the earths super elites escape plans forwarned via there HIGHLY SECRET notification of these geo changing events for perhaps many yrs ago they were forwarned to secretly prepare for there off world escape plans...

      That is if the malevolent ET's dont double cross them & let those filthy corrupted individuals leave this solar sys alive, after all that mindset of earths elite humans have UNIVERSALLY showed there contempt for there very own EARTH SPECIES shockingly enough to both groups of ET's, so do you think even the benevolent ET would give a rats ass for those lying, thieving, treasonous & genocidal leaning power brokers spreading there corrupted DNA in the universe...

      I think not.

  3. Replies
    1. If this world YOUR WORLD that were presently standin on is facing a literally world changing event, well then would disclosure really make any difference to anyone after all things once known & charished will be radically topsy turvy all of a sudden, hell just look at 2days mars, & the average survivor will feel pretty miserable as hell after a sudden global change over of this emense magnitude, & saddly enough i see a percentage of humans globally committing suicide after this traject global geo shift, so during this drastic violent geo earth change event, do you really really think disclosure will matter to the average surviving Jane & Joe feeling hungry & quite possibly feeling physically miserable as hell, personally i dont think so.:-\

  4. U can absoloutly sense that there is something is not right with the planet..i know natural dissasters always happen but in my lifetime ive seen every record broken...

  5. Civilizations have come & gone on this rock...


  6. Yes checkpoints would be hell. Authorities would give just a couple of days advice (like sayin hey u screwed we leave...).
    X, why do u think governements would have had to deal with good or evil ets? Wouldn't they have already fighted eachother themselves if interested about the planet instead of establish inside political enviroment?
    Those words of yours about the world elites giving us to events, saving their butts and selling survivors to malevolent ets, made me think a lot. Can you barely imagine the role GOLD yes I said GOLD would play in all this game? What if the importance of gold on this world goes beyond the position it assumes as power of trade? What if elites sold the world to aliens because their need of gold in their technology or civilization with the promise to leave in case of disaster? What if all those bad evil brokers stealin our money in every way are just investing on saving big powers asses? Just a potential scenario....
    Anyway, I read that in case of global cataclysm the planet could shift even of 90'. In this case polar ice meltin could raise the sea level of 600 m. Heights from 1200 could be safe..enough...at the beginning....maybe

    1. When we see the horror & murderous hardships continually brewing in the middle eastern regions, & this region btw was once the cradle of civilization of this world YOUR WORLD, & recent reports indicate now china backing russia in syria that have developed into a big looming problematic surprise w/ huge global implications now, well i wont get negative regarding those WW3 implications to possible future events there & possibly here also via either one of the two most lousyest presidential candidates in modern U.S. history, either one of these 2 individuals i came to realize now just may under orders from nefarious forces hidden in the shadows OR maybe ill indicate a org of nefarious hidden global forces thats still active & ready since 911 thats from here & beyond, & both in unison to in time initiate a 1st strike nuclear offensive move on syria, no matter if either Ms Clinton or Mr Dump sets in office so it may not matter anyway, & if a 1st strike on syria happens in the very not to distant future say next yr after the jan U.S. pres swear in initiation ceremony is done, well 2017 could be a very stressfull yr for the U.S. & world that im guestimating...

      The war of the worlds hollywood scenerio w/ the malevolent ET is only entertainment, my channeled guess is that the real malevolent ET's perspective just may think, "Why waste all that vaporizing energy pwr", so as a alternative why not instead let the earth human do his species in w/ tech that we/they the malevolents taught & given to this worlds 3 main global super pwrs areo & defense reasearch div's UC, & just enough tech not to destroy themselves because no there not hardly stupid, but instead theyll give this world just enough aero/military advance warfare tech only to "Destroy Ourselves In & On Us by Us", & when its all done & said malevolent ET's hands are clean & they will come on down & populate in numbers, UC a yr to us is a min to them & even possibly after a non nuclear global pole shift which will make this whole planet topsy turvy, maybe ending up like mars after there past global catastrophe UC, so now do this puzzle seem to fit better, tho im not forcing ANYONE here to agree w/ my rant on my ahhum out of this world theories...

      Yes Gold as a conductor of electrons have a very high conductivity value w/ very low electron resistance compared to silver & copper thats both commonly utilized in tech industry electronics, however there are electronic components that utilize pure gold conductor pins, & there particularly found in aero space, satellite tech & specific military device electronics, not only gold but also other valuble minerals & crystals of various types found here too may be of interests to a number of benevolent & malevolent ET races tho they might mine these minerals clandestinely deep under ground & under the deepest ocean floors however i feel there not stealing vaste quatities of minerals from earths natural resources, tho in some cases i could be wrong but instead possibly just enough for there eguipment technologies repairs perhaps...

      Lastly, i can only concieve that the super elites of this world thats in on this must have been promised something from the malevolents so great & profound to them that NOTHING ON EARTH & i mean NOTHING even gold & precious metals & minerals does not matter to them anymore, OR there under the influnce of some form of ET sponsored Mind Control UC.

  7. I saw it to in bay city rd to the west thought it was the north star till I realized it was to the west

  8. I saw it to the west thought it was the north star till I realized it was to the west and it was about 5:00 pm


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