Alien Face Near Alien Base In Copernicus Crater, Lunar Orbiter V photo, June 2013. UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: June 11, 2013
Date of image: August 1967
Location of discovery: Copernicus Crater, Earths Moon
Mission: US Lunar Orbiter V

Let me repost this old discovery I made back in 2013. I believe that it's important and a lot of todays readers might not have seen it before. Thanks,
SCW, Nov 2, 2016

This structure seems to stand out from the rest of its environment and that face on top of the hill also seems to be highly detailed. The face itself looks like someone from the Renaissance. Its very human like in appearance which is nice but I would have rather found a species less similar to our own. More fun and more interesting that way. 

This shiny white structure is in the photo in the lower left hand area. I enlarged the photo until it was 39.9 MB or 544.1X732.66 cm. Also you may have to adjust your computer monitors lighting. Some monitors are normally dark and adding light lets you see more detail in most things. 

I believe it was so visible because the Lunar Orbiter was taking photos at just the right moment and just the right angle to see it. This base seems small so it would not be visible using a telescope, but normally would be air brushed out by NASA if it was seen today. These old photos are a more accurate of a record of the moon than todays photos. Don't believe me? Google UK hacker Gary McKinnon who hacked into the NASA air brush room and see what he said about what he found. SCW


  1. Also, the dark shadow below the face and next to the base...those are not shadows! Those are dark black structures. If you believe them to be shadows, add light to them to see their cubic patterns.

  2. Those f$&&ing aliens can't hide no more! We r on2 u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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