Please help me to upgrade this site with a donation that would allow me to do more, post more and find more sightings and info for you.

Please helps us by donating to UFO Sightings Daily computer fund so that we can get updated and get rid of our old 7 year computer please. My old computer is fighting me all the way, but I do my best being just one person, one guy, running this site, but it gets hard. I really need your help. A dollar or five dollars would really help get us closer to our goal. Please help. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. Scott if i could id buy a mad one but as you know im also saving for one so i can even make proper links instead of the garbage phone im forced to do my research and hunting on. And PlayStation just doesn't cut it thats why i put what i find on my channel. Did you see the alien hybrid plant?

  2. Dear Scott checkout Ebay got a High end mashine for only 300 bucks ;)

  3. Hi first this is an amazing website well done!

    So rather than a new computer use cloud AWS cheaper and reliable

  4. A worthy cause that will have tremendous payoff! Cant waut to see what you can do when properly equipped for once!

  5. Scott why not buy a cheaper computer? As there is software out there for photography.

    1. I am considering a cheaper computer, similar to the one I want, but used a year. I have just begun looking into it.

  6. Please consider switching to Linux as your primary computer, any windows computer can have Linux installed. I will offer my services for free to completely set up your computer and help you get the applications that you need. Reply back here if interested.

  7. I've been very reluctant to contribute because I usually only trust PayPal, though I know there are fees for you attached. I've done some research on Indiegogo and feel much more comfortable now going thru their site. Will donate this afternoon. Thanks for your patience and hard work!


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