UFO Drops From Orbit Landing In Myanmar On Nov 11, 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Nov 11, 2016
Location of discovery: Kachin, Myanmar

This object from space fell last night and its really big. Don't let the seems fool you. I have found alien artefacts with seems before, the greatest of my finds, a face on Mercury with detail and seems similar to that of the statue of liberty but of a black man was one of my greatest finds, however, my Asus computer caught a rare black screen virus just 24 hours later, destroying all my screenshots, and links to the site, and destroying my entire computer. 

The object above may be an alien created fragment of an object, but it does has similarities to rocket boosters. Its not a military satellite, since its mostly an empty container, and military satellites are mostly small, compact and loaded with tech...this one is mostly empty...which means it probably held fuel. This is an old part of a rocket and could have been stuck in orbit for decades.
Scott C. Waring

BBC News states: 
The cylindrical object, found on Thursday in Kachin state, is 4.5m (15ft) long and 1.2m wide.

Another piece of metal with Chinese writing on it tore through the roof of a nearby house at about the same time, but no injuries were reported.

It is thought that the incident might be related to the launch of a Chinese satellite.

Trouble in orbit: Growing problem of space junk
A Chinese Long March 11 rocket lifted off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre on Wednesday night, carrying an experimental satellite.

'Houses shook'
Local residents reported hearing a loud bang before the object landed.

Officials from the local Defence Service said it bounced 150ft (50m) and landed in a muddy area of the mine, according to the Global New Light of Myanmar newspaper.

"We were all afraid of that explosion," villager Ko Maung Myo told the Myanmar Times. "Initially, we thought it was a battle. The explosion made our houses shake. We saw the smoke from our village." (more at source)


  1. Looks like the inner sleeve of a main booster rocket, can you publicly track space debis? Never known of a ufo that sheds parts to operate as it is only one section. This is definitely worth investigation further.

  2. Lmao... this is ours not alien.
    Definitely not a ufo. It probably was a 'ufo' when it was coming back down to earth but when it landed, anyone with half brain can tell you that that was a piece of rocket

  3. Im from yangon which is in Burma . I saw that on news its not UFO or else, its just a remains of one of the american satellites>


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