December 29, 2016

Alien Creature Found On Mars, Similar To Hairy Spider Monkey, Dec 29, 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Dec 29, 2016
Location of discovery: Mars, MSL 1276-M34 SDS

I found this four legged alien creature on Mars and it looks like a hairy spider monkey. The longer upper arms are holding it up as well as its shorter lower legs. If you add light to the face, you can easily make out two eyes. As you can see, this animal is watching the Mars rover. 

I also found some other anomalies that are all signs of life on Mars. Some houses, some faces, a human like figure sitting down, and decorative foundation corners. All are interesting so I included them below. 

We the public no longer need to depend on the US government to drop feed us information about life on Mars and other celestial bodies. We are taking the initiative and we have proven on this site that life exists a thousand times over. Somewhere along the line, Americans got lost and began depending on the government for all their important information...but some information is a threat to national security...such as UFO technology and alien intelligence, so they can't announce it. What would happen if Taiwan found out about aliens and got some of their DNA and began cloning aliens so that they could help taiwan become a more powerful nation. That would be a game changer. Tilting the scale of power from the big countries to the smallest. We no longer need to depend on our governments for knowledge. We have each other, and that gives us more hard working people and more in depth research results. 
Scott C. Waring

More alien artifacts from the photo below. 


  1. The face of the monkey is quite detailed. Thanks for sharing Scott.

  2. The "Slug Animal" to me looks more like a manta ray that has evolved to survive in a waterless environment. A "Sand Ray" if you will.

    1. Hi Adam, not sure how much you have looked through Mars photos but the "white stuff" is common. Is it frozen condensate? It it something like lichen/algae? Some look totally like some spider web reminiscent of a trap door web. I am sure you notice the shadow under the creature. You can also see delta's in dirt color very rarely, with other creatures. Certainly wish I had time to do deeper study.

  3. They're rocks. All of them are rocks. If you told your hand into a specific shape and place it between a light source and a rock, it sort of looks like a dog. But it's not a dog. It's a rock.

  4. Good stuff. Do you also have the source sol NASA photo? I used to go through these in detail several years ago and there are lots of signs of life. Easiest is the vents. The photos have strange shadows and then you can trace them to escaping gases. other holes abound which may be spider/something holes or gas holes.
    One question is: Where are the footprints? One argument is lizards don't leave footprints on some beaches. So, with lower gravity, perhaps this could explain. Another is the surface may be too dry to aggregate, like trying to make a snowball is dry, cold powder. Only the lay of gravity remains.
    Obviously, most of the life probably comes to the surface only to "sun" itself. Even on earth, I heard once, the vast majority of life lives in the surface/slime layer.
    I've seen lots of creatures. The naysayers and the advocates alike should send a rover through a desert and take one photo every 5 minutes. Then see how many creatures they see! That anything would show at all is amazing.
    That NASA send such a simplistic rover at a time when undergrad engineering programs were building similar craft, raises questions.
    In the end, anyone who believes in evolution must also believe in life on Mars. The contradiction which exists in the minds of so many "smart" people simply shows how dumb our current people are.

  5. One common animal to see reminds me of a river otter. Certainly some petrified animals. The one I did never figure out is the squared off ribs. I didn't understand why structural growth would be squared off. It really does suggest independent evolution compared to earth. But that "skeleton" doesn't seem to actually be petrified bones but maybe is coincident with other creatures. Maybe it is some sort of shell or protective housing. Certainly strange and I haven't researched it in enough detailed to know. Protection from flying rocks? Protection from creatures? Able to cloak it and protect from the cold. I don't know.