UFO Entering Ocean During Sunrise Over West Palm Beach, Florida, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: May 20, 2016 reported today.
Location of sighting: West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Source: MUFON #80900

Here we see a cloaked vessel that is lowering itself into the ocean. Its only mistake...entering the ocean during sunrise/sunset. As I told you before, during sunrise and sunset, a UFOs cloak becomes visible for anywhere between a 30 seconds and 15 minutes. Visible to the naked eye, not just the digital eye. The light of the sun is bent around the cloaked UFO...but can only go 180 degrees around the UFO, no more. A setting and rising sun requires that light now go 180+90 degrees more around the vessel, which it often cannot fully do. See...aliens do make mistakes. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
1. I was drinking coffee on the balcony of my resort in West Palm Beach Florida. 
2. I was looking through photos of our trips to print off for a large hanging photo frame when I discovered 2 objects in one of the photos and then just one object in the next photo. 
3. I believed the objects to be u.f.o.s 
4. The photos were taken that morning and I immediately put my phone away without the knowledge of them being there at first. 
5. After seeing the objects in my photos, I had chills all over me and could not believe I actually had captured them. 
6. I only captured the objects in 2 photos.


  1. Hi Scott, I'm researching the back side of the moon and the aliens called the Sucacoc that inhabit that orifice. Apparently they live in crevices deep within the far side of the moons back passages. I've seen rock sculptures of them on the surface that are hard and firm evidence of their existence. Do you know of them? I would appreciate any new info. Thanks, keep it up.

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    1. I've been spotting the Nibiru system daily for about a month inbetween chemtrailed skies. That's pretty much as bright as ive seen it so far. NAZA keep saying its venus. LOL LOL LOL

  3. What about the giant golden yellow one on the left? Surprised that got missed. It's huge.

    1. And the silhouette of one just entering the picture on the left too?

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  5. ET tech is based on a concentrated "gravity field" for propulsion. Its field is so strong, that is holds the beings inside as if on their own localized planet, which explains how these vehicles (ETV's) can move sidewise, upside down, etc., with no harm to the occupants. The gravity field also causes the craft to be cloaked, as the light is bent around the strong gravity source. It also enables other technology effects, but that's another post. Anyway,...

    The image looks like an ETV, with the light from behind it (the setting sun) being bent around the spherical (?) shape, presenting as the glowing golden orb. And the light spot is the sun in the sky behind it.... at least, that's how I See it.

  6. Tho a beautiful sight to BEHOLD from above & beyond the feilds of time & space.

  7. West Palm Beach is on the East Coast of Florida....that means the ocean is to the east... the sun rises from the horizon of the ocean... the sunset from west palm beach is not into the ocean but the mainland of Florida....

    1. Mislabeled title. The story says 630am. Do you read or just look at pictures lol


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