December 22, 2016

Wheels with Axle Found On Earths Moon In 1966 Russian Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of photos: Dec 24, 1966
Location of discovery: Earths Moon
Mission: Luna 13

I love these old moon mission photos. I was actually looking for a crab like creature that was found in them, but I found these oldies but goodies. The two objects that are in these photos do not belong there. One is a pair of wheels in the far distance, still attached by and axle. And the other alien artifact is a large screw-like cycled not far from the Soviet Moon lander itself. Sadly the lander only sent five panoramic photos over many days. Very remarkable and yet, its a little bit of what we have come to expect on the moon. 
Scott C. Waring

The above two photos are from the same photo, but the two below were taken hours later, with different lighting. 


  1. My tinking as a ex machinist is that perhaps its not a vehicals wheel, but maybe a missing component piece from another piece of machinery, & yes when looking closely it does seem to have 3 wheels on one axle, so from my perspective to navigate a 3 wheeler on 1 axle even a set of 4 on the vehical thats rolling along on the moons alleged rocky & sandy terrain would seem combersome for a land vehical there you'd TINK VRIGHT VRIGHT!, & btw is there info indicating the size demisions of this object in question i reckon.

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    2. Ive been tinking & tinking & tinking now & concluded that it must have fallen down from above, now when you observe the sorounding terrain just notice no track marks anywhere on the surface, & the 2d screw like component there may have been apart of the 3 wheeled axle assembly & both being from some main larger host machine that im theorizing & btw, it would be niece to know the mtr'ls composition of those 2 parts too...

      Both parts may not be a piece of ground related transportation hardware tech, but perhaps something else thats apart of a larger above ground type of machine of some kind imo now.

    3. Or mabee it's just fake..U think u think..

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