6 Hidden Clues Behind Mysterious Ancient Civilizations, Were Aliens Responsible? Jan 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of video: Jan 3, 2017
Maker of video: Strange Mysteries of Youtube

Here is a thought provoking video about some ancient mysteries that are still being questioned about if aliens were or were not involved in making these ancient civilizations. The more we learn, the more questions we have. I am confident aliens have been here for millions of years and have interfered with the rise and fall of many civilizations. 
Scott C. Waring

Video states:
The Seven Mayan Prophecies foretold by the Mayan people claimed that a series of devastating events would occur to humanity beginning in 1999 and ending with Earth's apparent destruction on December 21st 2012. The ancient kingdoms of Egypt, Greece and the Mycenaeans were some of the most influential civilizations in human history, with many of their teachings and discoveries forming the basis of our modern scientific, religious and philosophical ideas. The Nazca Civilization existed in modern-day Peru between 100BC and 800AD, and this intriguing society seemed strangely advanced considering when and where they lived. The Sumerian people of southern-Mesopotamia were one of if not the very first examples of civilised society here on Earth, yet we still have a lot of questions about where these people came from, where their language was derived from, and where their genetic descendants are today. In the centuries since the west first clasped eyes on Easter Island's Moai statues, archaeologists have been confused over how the relatively primitive Rapa Nui people moved these big hunks of rock. Here's another mysterious bunch of old timey rocks for you, and we still don't know exactly how the Stone-age people of southern-Britain built this astonishing rock formation either. Viking lore is well known to many of us today thanks to the simple fact that it contains all kinds of awesome, but what remained a mystery for quite some time was exactly how these sea-faring Scandinavians interacted with their Norse mythology on a daily basis.


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  4. Thats why the SecGov & NASA refuses like hell & w/ billions & billions & billions of U.S. tax payin dollars worth of the best photo anylizing equip money can buy OR there engineers can create, still seems to cannot get what they falsely portray even to this verry momment a decent up close & personal Hi Def pic & vid of ancient martian locales, structue writings, statue faces, existing structures, lost technologies etc, etc, because you know why, ok ill tell you all here from my opinion why, so what i suspect from not tangible evidence but from my minds inner eye from a alpha state of consciousness that WE ALL can accomplish, is that races of ancient mars could very well have a genetic link connection w/ the dark races of earth more so than the cacasoid or cacasion race of present era earth humanity, so what i seen is a ancient martian past w/ a large global population of so called black, tan & yellow races of the Full Human Humanoid from the cm size up to 2-3 meters in hight, some are a mixter of other otherworldly humanoid sentient beings also...

    Remember whos the daddys of NASA zee, & imo for them to break the real martian inhabitants news decades silence could violently change a whole lot of earthly false religious ideological paradigms & racist ideologies baggage that comes w/ it against those peoples possible true origins...

    UC we all must have came from somewhere out there to seed this world whos YOUR WORLD for the time being remaining, including us so called Cacasoids humans from that universal humanoid family tree that includes all races out there.


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