January 9, 2017

Ancient Face And Sarcophagus Found On Mars Near NASA Rover, Jan 2017, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Jan 9, 2017
Location of discovery: Mars
Update: added 2 photos of clam shaped structure.
I found this face with an unusual nose today. It has a lot of similarities to humans, but its nose looks more tube-like. I also found a funeral sarcophagus in the shape of a persons. It has similarities to ancient Egyptian sarcophaguses found. There were a lot of buildings, but I only show you the closest ones here, that way you can see the detail. Well...maybe I should show you a city in the mountains far in the distance. I will place that photo at the very bottom. You can also see the NASA rover just inches away from water on the surface of Mars, and still they don't discuss it much with the public. You would think that every small spring of water found on Mars would be on world news, but, you know NASA. They want to keep it quiet so Russia and China will not begin to compete with them to make colonies on Mars. 
Scott C. Waring

 Above and below is a 2 meter clam structure, building, as you see, something tore this open.


  1. Check the humanoid figure as far right to the screen and toward the back - standing tall. can make out head torso , shoulders . casting a symmetrical shadow There is a lot of good stuff in this photo

  2. To me, the best thing in this photo set is the so called sarcophagus, because the face is plainly not natural. I thought that it looked more like a snake, but we do agree that it definitely isn't anything produced by nature.

  3. The second image if u look right near the bottom there is a line of stones all nearly the same shape. Looks almost like a primitive border

  4. The clam structure looks like cheap plywood...

  5. First picture shows what looks like a female on his right side wearing a headdress whispering in his ear or kissing his cheek. From her side/back view?

  6. The photo with the "Water," is part of the rover. What city? The sarcophagus is a rock. U can see what u wanna see..but still any photo of another planet surface is still a gem.

  7. Makes you wonder why they don't officially announce what's clearly visible

  8. Hey, was watching Taiwan news last night and they put my photo of the sarcophagus above on it. Talked about it for like 5 minutes, then went on to talk about other stuff I posted. Very weird seeing my stuff on local news. Why the hell didn't they just contact me? I live in Taiwan. Odd

  9. How can I send you photos from Curiosity Rover. I've been reading your articles and there's a few things you have wrong. 1 life still exists on Mars, 2 life forms on Mars are smaller than someone can conceive, 3 The Raw images are still manipulated by Nasa, they are orginally in a 4-D format and then manipulated and formatted for public view. 4 a lot of things are actually in the air, look for shadows. Let me know where I can send. FYI...Things on mars are not like earth and they can only come out during the day. If you like Grays I have a carving on Mars

    1. The best way is to upload it to Facebook or some other photo site and put the URL here, but remember to have info about it and a source please.