Black UFO Hides Over Clouds Caught By NASA Space Station Cam, Jan 27, 2017, UFO Sighting Daily.

Date of sighting: January 27, 2017
Location of sighting: NASA/Russia Space Station, ISS

I was watching the live cam and was a bit irritated that they were going to blue screen and glitch screen about 65% of the time this week. Either they are trying to hide UFOs or they are causing their own glitches so they can finally shut down their spy cameras to the public. Yes, the two new cams which the public are not allowed to use can read a license plate of a car anywhere on the planet. 

A dark object passed on the clouds below the space station. The object has openings and was very black, making it easy to spot on top of the white clouds. Its non reflective black, much like a lot of the structures I have found on Earths moon. That is where the USAF got their stealth materials, alien tech. 
Scott C. Waring


  1. Guys, all I'm doing here is trying...you know, doing the things that your friends and family might say are a waste of time...but when was revealing an alien species a waste of time baby? Its the most amazing historical discovery in humanities history...to learn that we are not alone. You can do this, watch the ISS cam, look through NASA or ESA photos. You don't need me. I'm nothing here, its the content, the truth that moves people, that brings them back asking for more. Any of you could do this, we need more people out there doing this. Come on guys and gals, what do you say?

  2. Hey Scott you do a great job here and worry not there's a few of us here observing in other fields .....
    Hope you have a great weekend ......

  3. hey scott did you see the UFO fade in in the top left of the video just before the loss of signal?

    1. I see those often when I'm looking at the feed. Some items I've been able to explain as a reflection from the camera, but not those lights, though I still wonder because they always appear in the same area of the screen. They start out dim, get brighter, then dim again and disappear.


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