Thank You 54.

I just wanted to say thank you to the 54 people in this world who believe in me and this site enough to make a donation. Your donation has touch my soul and broadened my horizon. You valued UFO Sightings Daily more than money itself. I promise to keep on doing what I do, the best I can do it. 

I bought a new computer today with the donations. I bought an HP laptop, since it was recommended by one of the people who donated.  Its an amazing computer with incredible speed. It really comes loaded and this Widows 10 thing is very cool, but will take a few days to get use to it. 

Know this, I was going to close this site, because my computer was almost 7 years old and keys were broken off my keyboard. But because of you, I decided to keep on. To continue to keep this site updated. I also have already reduced some of the ads and will and will continue until only about 5% are left. 

Thank you 54. You showed me that what I do matters here. I will email you in the coming days, and you can communicate with me as much as you wish with requests, ideas, sightings or just chatting. 
Thank you again, 
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan