Five UFO Videos Of Same Two UFOs Over Kuwait, Feb 20, 2017, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: February 19, 2017
Location of sighting: Kuwait

Three different people in Kuwait just uploaded five different UFO videos of the same UFO, but from different positions within the city.  All the videos do show two UFOs. One round white orb and another lower UFO that is 90% cloaked. We are very lucky to have so many people record the UFOs. 

One eyewitness states: "Hey guys....Just wanna share with you'll something that I have seen with my own eyes something like I have never seen before which may look like a UFO. Well there was even something so strange that it gives out some kind smoke which goes in a circular motion and then the object suddenly disappeared. This is not at all edited ,but I used the Viva Video app to show like a slow motion so that u see the smoke. That's all . But I can assure you that this video is not done with any camera tricks"

The evidence that comes with this sighting is overwhelming. Its more than most sightings ever get. It must have been seen by thousands of people and I expect more UFO videos will come in over the next few weeks from today. Kuwait is an ancient country with ancient traditions still in place. The is probably more reason for aliens to want to visit there for its history than to visit America for its new innovations. 
Scott C. Waring