Hundreds Of Glowing Pillars Over Korean City On TV News, Feb 2017, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: February 5, 2017
Location of sighting: Busan, Korea
News source: http://www.ytn.co.kr/_ln/0115_201702051732556673

Pillar lights were seen over a Korean city this week. Similar pillar lights have been seen all over the world for unknown reasons. Scientists try to explain it, but it seems few scientists can settle down on one theory and this amazing and beautiful phenomenon continues to go unexplained. I will place another video with pillar lights from around the world below to compare. Could they be caused by a fleet of UFOs? Or are they light beings, watching over an area together? Maybe, but it looks natural, like the Aurora Borealis. Like its a cosmic connection between the Earth and the rest of the universe. I am however worried...about it being caused by CERN. The last thing we want is a black hole to form that would eat the earth from inside out. This could be CERN messing around again. 
Scott C. Waring

News states: 
Unidentified flying objects in Busan night sky, columns of light like UFO appear, and it is gone for a long time.

There are many speculations among the citizens, but it is the explanation of the refraction phenomenon of light caused by squid fishing boats with strong lighting.

Reporter Kim Jongho.

Something shaped like a pillar appeared in the night sky.

Over ten pillars remain in the same place over time.

The so-called 'light pillars' in Busan on the last three nights.

A lot of citizens witnessed the sea.

[Preferential w / Busan Munhyun-dong: It's growing in convex lens form. So this is not an object or something, but I thought it was where the light was reflected or something.]

By the way, Moonhyun-dong was located at the back of Pusan ​​Hangang Bridge, at Dongzam-dong National Maritime Museum, and at Yeongju-dong Observatory at Yeongdo-dong Observatory.

Along with the sightings spread to the SNS, there were also citizens who were worried about UFO, Aurora, and "Analysis of Disaster".

However, the Meteorological Agency explained that it is a phenomenon caused by the strong lighting on the squid fishing boat and the ice crystal, an ice crystal in the clouds.

[Eum Ki-cheol / Busan Regional Weather Bureau: (squid grilled pear) Reflecting on the cloud or something like that, from the side we see, the light is said to be a 'light pole' because it looks like a pole.

Experts explain that this phenomenon is sometimes seen on the east coast, where squid catches are frequent, even if not frequently.