Arrowhead Found On Mars In NASA Rover Photo, Feb 2017, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: February 5, 2017
Location of discovery: Mars
NASA photo: http://areo.info/mer/opportunity/2793/tn/1P376134065ESFBQSMP2438L5M1_L2L5L5L7L7.jpg.html

What technological level was the alien species that once thrived on Mars? Its hard to tell for sure. In the past we have reported not one, but two guns on Mars, two helmets, cannon balls, one levitation above the surface and much more in the way of war. 

Yesterday in some Mar photos I happened upon an arrowhead sitting on the surface. The arrow head once held a shaft made from a lighter material that has long since fallen off. The opening for the shaft is visible. The arrowhead looks very similar to ones found 400-600 years ago here on Earth moulded from metal. 

I have experience finding arrowheads back when I was a university student. I once found 5 black obsidian fragments that made three complete arrowheads out behind my university in the mountains. I had heard a story from a teacher about someone finding one 20 years earlier, so I said I would go try. The professor laughed and said no one could find them, its impossible. It took me about 4 hours, but I did. Five fragments that made up 3 arrowheads, all within about 30 meters of where I decided an indian camp site must have been made. I took them to the university museum where they told me they were over 700 years old. I donated them to the museum so others could see the indian culture that once lived behind our university. Just a lesson I learned long ago in school...don't listen to others telling you what you can and cannot do. Just believe in yourself.
Scott C. Waring