NSA tries to silence UFO Sightings Daily by muting my twitter account @UFO_Sightings_x UFO Sighting News.

You will not believe this, but a few followers may see this and a lot of followers noticed my account disappeared. My UFO account has been silenced, probably by the NSA and their hacking skills, but maybe by the Russians. My account got on world news hundreds of times but is muted, impossible to find on phone under keywords or name but only through mentions I’m not sure why the NSA would think this would silence me, but lucky for me I have another account.

I messaged the CEO of twitter @Jack and we will see if he can fix things up or make them worse...but who knows. By silencing my UFO account, it makes be wonder if a gov is preparing to make a hit on me to get rid of me? Smart of them...mute my accounts so I don't know that no-one can see my tweets other than my followers...cut my communication lines...figures.

Well if I am a target and get confronted by an agent face to face with a gun, I'm not begging, I'm not going to negotiate with them, I'm just going to look them in the eyes and tell them to "Go f@#$ themselves!" Live and die like a man. Been in this business too long to have any fear. Now...I have anger which drives me to find answers...and I'm just warming up!

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