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Did these cracked areas on the rocket cause it to spin before it was self destructed? UFO Sighting News.

Hey this is odd. I was on Twitter and was looking at @elonmusk tweet of a rocket going slow motion. I noticed something was off. I found cracked areas in three locations on the rocket that exploded. Sure it exploded because they self destructed it to contain the spin the rocket couldn't escape from, but still, it could be the reason for the spin if gases or leaks of something shot out of one of these areas. I just think that maybe it matters and might help fix this spinging problem on the next launch. Look at the screenshots I made and tell me your thoughts on Twitter. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

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On Twitter I often chat with my readers, try to answer questions they have or just chat about anything that comes to mind. Feel free to follow me and say hi and have a chat. Also a great place to instantly get in touch with me and send me photos, video of what you have recorded. Follow me and I will follow back. I get direct messages all the time from folks who send me photos and video or want interviews, so it's easier to get hold of me this way. 

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NSA tries to silence UFO Sightings Daily by muting my twitter account @UFO_Sightings_x UFO Sighting News.

You will not believe this, but a few followers may see this and a lot of followers noticed my account disappeared. My UFO account has been silenced, probably by the NSA and their hacking skills, but maybe by the Russians. My account got on world news hundreds of times but is muted, impossible to find on phone under keywords or name but only through mentions I’m not sure why the NSA would think this would silence me, but lucky for me I have another account.

I messaged the CEO of twitter @Jack and we will see if he can fix things up or make them worse...but who knows. By silencing my UFO account, it makes be wonder if a gov is preparing to make a hit on me to get rid of me? Smart of them...mute my accounts so I don't know that no-one can see my tweets other than my followers...cut my communication lines...figures.

Well if I am a target and get confronted by an agent face to face with a gun, I'm not begging, I'm not going to negotiate with them, I'm just going to look them in the eyes and tell them to "Go f@#$ themselves!" Live and die like a man. Been in this business too long to have any fear. Now...I have anger which drives me to find answers...and I'm just warming up!


Mars Give The Universe The Thumbs Up Sign, Feb 2017, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: February 14, 2017
Location of discovery: Mars
Source photo:

I found this thumbs up sign on Mars and thought it looks a lot like the Facebook thumbs up and wanted to share it with you. No aliens didn't do it because of Facebook, but did they make it or not is a real question. Thumbs up in many cultures means cool, good work, like it, and much more. Its possible this hand sign also has meaning to an alien race. So, it may have been made be aliens after all. 
Scott C. Waring


UFO Hiding On Clouds Over Lake In Australia, Jan 2017, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 2017
Location of sighting: Lake Proserpine, Australia

This was just sent into me on Twitter from one of our readers. He only said a friend who found it shared it with him and his friend said, "Took this photo whilst on lake Proserpine. There were several like it and am wondering what causes them Gavin??" The person told me that he believes his friend has spotted a UFO hiding in the clouds. I agree totally. There is a high possibility since you see see the ring, and the lower middle area that has been forcibly pushed away from the ship. Australia is well known for its UFOs over Australia's outback and here is an example of one trying to hide in plain sight.
Scott C. Waring