15km Alien City Found On Moon Using Google Map! Ready For People To Move In, UFO Sighting News.

Here is a alien base I found using Google Moon map. The alien structure is huge, over 15 km long and wide. The structure is seen on only one area of photos. Others photos of this crater have it edited out. In my video of this object at the end, I show how easy it is for NASA to edit out such alien artefacts. It took me a whole 4 seconds to remove it and make it appear natural. Its obvious to me that NASA missed editing out this huge structure, but after reporting it, I give it 6 months before Google edits it out for the US government. 

I believe that this structure is still in working order and can easily become the new home to thousands of humans that want to live on the moon. I am sure big companies like Amazons Jeff Bezos and SpaceXs Elon Musk are currently looking for such prime areas for mining the moon. Imagine walking in and taking over an abandoned city on the moon 15km across! You would become the #1 company in the world not just with the mining you could do, but with the alien tech built into this city. 
Scott C. Waring