Woman Records Glowing Orbs During Rainstorm, Over Plymouth, UK Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 5, 2020
Location of sighting: Plymouth, UK
Plymouth news source: https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/plymouth-news/strange-lights-sky-over-plymouth-3919894

What we are seeing is a woman who noticed some glowing lights over the hills across the water. The glowing white lights appear and disappeared. The long pinkish streak is not a UFO, its a reflection off the inside of the car window. However the glowing orb we see does appear to be a genuine UFO. No one would ever shoot fireworks off in the rain, and its highly unlikely the military would continue to drop flares in such dangerous wet weather. Such sudden appearances of UFOs have been long associated with being seen during storms, lightning and other weather phenomenon like tornadoes, hurricanes and more. This UFO may have been caught coming out of an underwater base below the bay. It disappears (cloaks) when it ready to shoot away. Awesome catch and defiantly evidence that an alien base lays 5-6km below the waters of Plymouth. But what convinced me 100% was she said...they were clustered together. 

Yeah...that reminds me of a sighting back in Taiwan. A cluster of UFOs appeared near a mountain at Taipei. The objects disappeared one by one. I showed a Taiwan Air Force pilot the video and he said he had no explanation for it...he had never seen anything like it...and he has the rank of general today. I will include the Taiwan video below to show you exactly what she described. 
Scott C. Waring 

Plymouth news states: A Plymouth woman spotted six bright lights in the sky this morning - and has no idea what they are. Emma Snell told Plymouth Live she had dropped her husband off for work at around 7am and had parked at the car park on the Plymouth side of the Tamar Bridge. Looking ahead, she saw five bright lights in the sky - before a sixth "appeared from nowhere". Emma originally thought the lights were from military helicopters, but when she realised the lights weren't moving, she changed her mind and suspected they might even be from out of this world. Emma admitted the random flashes took her by surprise. Instead of being arranged in a line, "the lights were just clustered-together and close-knit," she said. "You couldn't miss them," she added.