Alien Watching Pedestrians In New York, Google Earth Discovery, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: June 2020
Location of discovery: New York State, USA
Google Coordinates: 42°26'35.27"N 76°30'48.70"W

Imagine walking down the sidewalk at night in New York state staring at the river, then turning to the right and seeing the ominous alien face staring back at you. Well the face is situated below a bridge and is way back in the far end making it difficult to see anything but a face. Now at first I thought it was graffiti art, but I didn't see a lot of such art around, but there is some nearby. I also didn't see a wall it was on...because it looks like there is a hollow cavity area where its at. So I do believe this is a real alien watching passerby. Aliens in New York...we knew that already! 
Scott C. Waring