Alien Base Found On Earths Moon, 100% Proof Aliens Own Moon, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Aug 23, 2020
Location of discovery: Earths moon

This is a white structure...which I call the white ceramics. These structures are near impossible to photograph due the powerful reflection of light bouncing off of them. I added contrast and they came into focus. I added yellow to the building area so you can see exactly what I see. It does take years of practice and patience to allow your eyes to adjust to not only the black and white photos, but to search for similar signs of structures that I have found in the past ten years. This has to be one of the top ten. The map ruler is not accurate, its true size is close to 300 meters across. and 50 meters high. Don't just glance at the screenshots here...allow your eyes to get use to looking at it. Search for the defining shading and edges. Take a few minutes and search the screenshots...finding these structures takes practice. 

Kinds of structures I have found on the moon. 
1. Once found elongated 6 sided 24k gold ship, flat, huge cross-like vein covered its surface only. 
2. Found some transparent pyramids...very difficult to focus the pictures due to mass reflections. But experienced searcher could see it easily. 
3. Metallic grey metal structures, often smaller and near edges of larger non reflective black structures. 
3. White Ceramic structures, had to find some in focused due to light reflection, but if in a bit of shadows, can be focused. 
4. Non reflective (stealth fighter black) black structures. Massive in scale, largest of all structures on Earths moon. Usually mistaken for shadows by inexperienced searchers. 

Time, patience and practice...and you can accomplish the impossible. 

Scott C. Waring