Glowing Orbs Seen Over Beach On Island In Florida, July 2020, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: July 2020
Location of sighing: Okaloosa Island, Florida, USA

An eyewitness on an island in Florida caught sight of several glowing orbs flying around the sky and hen the orbs unite and fly together. Strange how they move around the sky over the beach as if they want to be seen. Drones cannot be ruled out, since such tech does exist today, however the UFOs seem to want to be seen. Perhaps aliens are taking a more serious stance toward revealing their existence to the world. There is also lightning in the background flashing...which UFOs are known to cause. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

Eyewitness states: 
Very interested in what other people think these lights may be! I only saw the lights in the sky - they did not come from the sea that I know of. One guy to my right not seen in the footage was also looking but I checked around and I couldn't find any other people who seemed to notice the sky.... makes you wonder how often we are missing something !! I'm actually an Arkansan haha ... was on vacation:) yes I was so perplexed to see these ... I know people say drones but my husband was in the USAF and he does not think those are drones so.