Planet Size Space Station Found On Google Sky Map, Sept 2020, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Sept 10, 2020
Location of discovery: Space
Google coordinates:  -3.126643°  -12.073192°
Method used: Google Sky map

This three dimensional object in space is 100% proof that aliens create structures that are as big as planets. Why limit yourself to a round planet when you can make any design you desire? Here we see a giant blue planet size space station. 

I found it using Google sky map, just copy paste the coordinates into it and you will find it. Its the same map as Google Earth and mars maps, but you have to hit the button and choose Sky. 

How could such a huge constructed object even exist? Easy, you think in terms of 100 years being a long time...relative to our lifespan. However many alien species live forever, unless an accident befalls them. So time means little to them. They give the order to the AI androids and check back on it in a few thousand years...long to us, but a mere few weeks to them. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan