Alien Disk Seen On Trailer Truck In China! Man Yells UFO! Oct 1 2020 Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Oct 1, 2020 
Location of sighting: China
Source: Tiktok user @goldninjatw 

I messaged a tiktok user @goldninjatw got over 100,000 views the video they posted today. They said they got it from a friend who recorded it. In the 5 second video we see a semi truck pulling a trailer and on the trailer is a huge disk with windows all around it. The disk is very thick on its edge, but its center and thicker around its center. You can really hear the excitement and astonishment in the mans voice as he exclaims "UFO!" Also it looks like the driver was so distracted by the UFO that he may have driven right into a light pole in the center of the road. Sure hope he's ok. Absolutely alien technology in Chinese hands. Now the real question is...what are they going to use it for and what is it capable of doing? 
Scott C. Waring