Alien Tech On USAF B-1 Bomber! Google Earth, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Oct 17, 2020
Location of discovery: Dyess AFB, Texas, USA 

Hey everyone. I was looking for UFOs and alien bases using Google Earth today and came across something that just blew me away. I found something at Dyess AFB in Texas. Its a B1 bomber base. I use to work on B1 bombers back in Ellsworth AFB a Stratigic Air Command high security base. I found something at Dyess that I had never seen before...a single cloaked B1 bomber. If you rotate the map in a 360 degree angle, you will easily see the second B1 that is cloaked. It makes sense, you see the black paint already on the B1 is clocking technology that absorbs radar so it wont reflect a signal back and be seen, thus its nearly invisible. It really makes sense to use alien technology on a B1 and create the most perfect aircraft ever. This B1 has alien tech making it capable of becoming invisible. 
Scott C. Waring 

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