Kangaroo Nazca Lines 2,000 Years Old Found In Peru. Proof Of Alien Abduction. Oct 2020, UFO Sighting News.


Date of discovery: Oct 2020
Location of discovery: Peru

This is the newest Nazca lines discovery in Peru this week. The people reporting it says is a cat, but it has very little resemblance to a cat. I think its a kangaroo. Made 2,000 years ago there were no kangaroos in Peru, but I believe some of the people were allowed into a UFO and taken to other places on Earth to observe and learn...one of them being Australia. Fossils of kangaroos go back 20 million years in Australia and I think this is proof that aliens not only visited people in Peru, but took them to other continents to see how the humans react and learn. This would also explain why pyramids are all over the world and yet, they had no ways of visiting the other continents. Aliens abducted them and helped them see the world, other continents, animals, plant life and even structure of other cultures. This Nazca line drawing is 100% proof that aliens abducted humans even 2,000 years ago. The humans tried to draw the kangaroo for the aliens to see to show them that they will remember what they had learned and seen in Australia. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

News states: The Nazca lines, a Unesco World Heritage site, is home to designs on the ground - known as geoglyphs - created some 2,000 years ago. Scientists believe the cat, as with other Nazca animal figures, was created by making depressions in the desert floor, leaving coloured earth exposed. The cat then went unnoticed until plans were recently drawn up for a new path leading to an observation platform.

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