NASA Perseverance Rover Photos Worse Than An iPhone 1 Camera! UFO Sighting News.


Date of photo: Feb 18, 2021
Location of photo: Mars

 The world is announcing and celebrating the landing of the 4th NASA Rover on Mars...the Perseverance. But something seems to be overlooked. The first photo of Mars sent back has 70% of the photo blacked out...edited deliberately by NASA to hide something nearby. Now NASA spent 2.7 billion US dollars on the rover mission, so you know they have the best state of the art technology on it...meaning the cameras are the best Earth has to offer. Such a glitch as this would never happen with such technology. Even a simple iphone 12 tied to the rover would offer more clear, higher detail, better contrast and better color photos than the ones NASA is showing the public. So how can this even happen? Well, it can't and didn't. It was a deliberate attempt by NASA to hide an alien structure, ship, or living creature in the area near the rover. The photos they are giving us are equal to an old iPhone 3 from back in 2008 when it was released. So...I ask the world why do they accept such poor quality photos that are deliberately sabotaged by NASA who deliberately glitches, adds too much light blueing detail and making the size of the public photos smaller than the size an iPhone 1 would have produced. Its true, look it up. An iPhone 1 would make photos 1.37MB in size, compared to the Perseverance Rover photos the public sees at 56KB to 250KB in size. Thats pathetic and not even worth the public looking at them. Now...ask yourself...what is NASA really hiding from us all? That...is the right question.
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

All Photos In This Post Are Original, Unedited As NASA Has Posted Them. 

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