Silver Star UFO Glasgow, England 4-12-2020, Raw Video, UFO Sighting News.


Just in Today, but recorded April 12, 2020, MUFON report 118837
Source: MUFON 

Guys, when I first looked at this raw video, I thought I mistakenly thought it was a balloon, but when I made a close up sceenshot of the object, I realized this is not a balloon at all. This object is thin, metallic and not wrinkled, like a deflated balloon would be. Also there is a pointed back end, but its not a string, its actually part of the hull of the object. This is a upside-down bell UFO. Such UFO have been seen a lot and this one is unique in that its relatively thin. Absolutely mind-blowing catch. Awesome video of it showing its movement as it watches the eyewitness below. This is an alien probe, unmanned and autonomous. Wow, just wow!
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

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