Tictac Over Hualien Liyu Lake, Taiwan Dec 12, 2021, UFO Sighting News.


Hualien Liyu Lake Live Cam-花蓮鯉魚潭即時影像 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlxWDwTUtxg
Date of sighting: Dec 12, 2021
Location of sighting: Hualien Liyu Lake, Taiwan

Hey I was watching the live cam of Hualien Lake which is in south of Taiwan, when I noticed a white tictac UFO shooting overhead. It wasn't a bird because it wasn't flapping wings. It wasn't a drone, it was too big and moving too fast. This object was easy to see on the cam since it had the green trees along the hillside behind it. The lake area was cloudy and rainy at that time with some very unusual large clouds at the center of the video. These two large clouds do look like they may be cloaked UFOs. The shapes are very odd. UFOs are all around us, we just have to put in a little effort to catch them. Aliens in Taiwan...yeah I knew that already. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


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