Alien Base Found Off Coast Of Japan, Near UFO Hotspot, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of interview: January 15, 2022
Location of UFO hotspot: Senganmori, Japan

Here is a great interview with some UFO eyewitnesses and experts in Senganomori, Japan. There is a mountain area there that is a hotspot for UFOs. They say the mountain stone contains a lot of metal and magnetism...and this is what could be attracting the UFOs. Another theory they said is that there may be an alien base below the mountain area. This video shines a light on the unknown craft in our sky and over Japan...and how we see them today is so much more realistic than how we ignored and laughed at such things decades ago. The truth is coming out, little by little. But...truth cannot hide forever. Every person who helps raise awareness of UFOs is helping the cause. Helping all of humanity come...one step closer to full alien disclosure. 

I think I found the alien base the UFOs come from. There is an area in the ocean that contains several huge structures on the ocean floor. These structures have a complex design which looks to be made by intelligent beings. This may be the base of the UFOs. Google ruler puts the biggest structure at 10km long and 1.5km wide. It seems undeniable proof that there is an alien base in Japan waters. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

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