Face of Jesus Found Near Base and Figure In Antartica! Video, UFO Sighting News.


Google coordinates to Base: 75°01'35"S 0°07'37"E 
Google coordinates to face: 72°11'22.63"S 2°31'56.81"E 
Google coordinates to standing figure: 72°32'26.35"S 31°19'17.86"E

Guys, I was messing with Google Earth map when I found something strange. I found a buried location of an ancient alien structure. When I changed the time of the photos, an earlier photo reveals an airport runway freshly made, dozens of trailers, tractors and it looks like the mound was being excavated by scientists and military. I believe they found an ancient alien structure under the snow and ice.

Also I found the face of Jesus near the the excavation site. The face is that of a male with long hair, beard, mustache, long face, and a crown of thorns around his head. Not to mention that his eyes, nose chin and cheeks all clearly showing. 

These two location are also close to a standing dark figure I found last year on the snowy mountains. It's the figure of huge bipedal being that could only be alien. 

It can't be just a coincidence that all these pieces of evidence are so close to each other. I believe they are all related and build on the theory the ancient aliens once inhabited Antartica. 

Oh, in the video, I didn't label the title Jesus face, and I didn't say Jesus, I wanted to ask the viewers who they thought it was. This way, we get a consensus on who's face it is. Not just my personal opinion. I ask people in the video to tell me in the comments below who the face is. And one more thing...Jesus was an alien who came to Earth to instill morals and rules to help a chaotic early humans rise to enlightenment. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

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