I found myself on Wikileaks today about a UFO at the Space Station, It Figures , UFO Sighting News.

Wikileaks doc: https://wikileaks.org/gifiles/docs/45/45779_5-places-not-to-be-when-dollar-collapses-and-more-from-the.html

It looks like I'm on somebody's list in the government. I'm on Wikileaks...a site that discloses secret documents and data of the US government so that the public can learn about it. 

It's about  a UFO article on Before Its News site a few years back, and the email is addressed to a US gov spy (think tank) news site that pretends to gather world news info for the public, but really gathers it for the US government intel. I know this because this news site https://www.stratfor.com is in a lot of documents in Wikileaks...including to Hillary Clinton and many US presidents. 

So...big brother is watching. Lets hope those poor saps are learning from all this UFO and alien intel they are gathering, so it will make the change from within the government. 
Scott C. Waring

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